Roudra form of Narmada, floods in 7 districts Narmada reaches 41.85 feet, breaking 53-year-old record at Golden Bridge in Bharuch

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  • 2 to 12 inches of rain in 126 talukas of Gujarat, more than 90% water in 80 dams
  • 5 to 6 feet of water in houses in Ankleshwar in an hour, rescue of 12 thousand so far
  • 50 thousand passengers stranded on Mumbai-Delhi route, 20 trains to Saurashtra cancelled
  • Seasonal rainfall close to 100% for the second year in a row

126 talukas in the state received 2 to 12 inches of rain on Monday. 12 inches of rain fell in Visavadar of Junagadh in 12 hours. Due to the release of water from Sardar Sarovar Dam, flood situation occurred in 7 districts of Narmada Bank area. In cities including Ankleshwar, Bharuch, houses in low-lying areas were flooded with 5 to 6 feet of water.

Meanwhile, a high-level meeting was held under the chairmanship of Spokesperson Minister Rishikesh Patel to check the condition of 80 dams of Gujarat being filled more than 90 percent. So far, a total of 12,644 people have been evacuated and 822 citizens have been rescued. After 10 years, Narmada overflow in Bharuch closed the lifeline Delhi-Mumbai-Ahmedabad train route for 12 hours. Train operation was started again after noon today.

At 12 o’clock on Sunday night, it was decided to give a red signal for the safety of the rail due to water resurfacing on the track of the 78-year-old silver railway bridge of Bharuch. From which 12 hours the stop train transaction was started. However, the train is being passed at a slow speed keeping in mind the safety of the Silver Bridge. Meanwhile, in the meeting of the state government, Minister Rishikesh Patel interacted with the collectors of the affected districts through video conference.

During the review of the unaffected areas, it was found that 10 teams of NDRF and 10 teams of SDRF have been deployed in the rain affected districts. Not only that, 5 more teams of NDRF and 13 teams of SDRF have been kept on stand by. So far 12644 people from 8 districts of the state have been shifted to safe place and 822 people from 7 districts have been rescued. Arrangements for packet, medical team etc. have also been made by the concerned district administration. The minister also asked to take the support of social voluntary organizations in those districts. Due to rain, 1 state highway and 13 panchayat roads were closed, the restoration work has been carried out late in the evening. The minister also urged to take steps to restore the disrupted electricity.

Where-how much rain?

Taluk Precipitation (inches)
Be careful 12
Meandera 8
Radhanpur 6.5
Bhabhar 6
Vanthali 6
Becharaj 6
Mehsana 5
Deodar 4
Junagadh 4

90 reservoirs on high alert

100 percent water storage has been recorded in the Sardar Sarovar project, which is the lifeblood of Gujarat. 29 reservoirs with more than 100 percent water storage, 63 reservoirs with 90 percent to 100 percent water storage, total 90 reservoirs are on high alert. While 28 reservoirs with 80 percent to 90 percent water storage are on alert, 20 reservoirs with 70 percent to 80 percent water storage have been given general warning.
Rainy weather will continue
According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, heavy to very heavy rain is likely to occur in Kutch, Patan, Morbi districts on September 20. Banaskantha, Devbhoomi Drarka, Junagadh, Anand, Bharuch, Surat districts may experience heavy rain. There will be rainy weather in other parts of the state as well. Scattered rain will continue in different parts of the state in the coming weeks.

Zone wise rainfall and reservoir status

zone the rain water storage
North 84.95 75.67
the middle 92.5 92.11
South 85.63 95.89
Kutch 136.52 59.53
Saurashtra 112.02 78.77
Narmada Dam 100
Total 95.17 93.3

As 10 feet of water filled Bharuch, boats floundered, more than 13 villages became islands.
Two women died after getting stuck in a ravine in Khed Brahma

12 inches of rain in 12 hours in Visavadar

As soon as 19 lakh cusecs of water was released into the river from the Narmada dam in phases, a flood situation was created in Chanod, Bharuch and Ankleshwar on the banks of the river. As the water level of Narmada rose at Bharuch, Golden Bridge broke the 53-year-old record and reached 41.85 feet. As a result, Narmada water entered Bharuch city from Saturday night.

People were trapped in their houses after more than 10 feet of water filled the city. While the rushing water of Narmada also caused destruction in Ankleshwar city. The State Highway connecting Ankleshwar-Hansot and the Old National Highway connecting Ankleshwar-Bharuch are closed. So more than 13 villages of Narmada bank are still unconnected. Due to the rising level of Narmada, 6254 people from the district were shifted to safe places.

NDRF and SDRF teams rescued 40 people from Bharuch and 100 from Ankleshwar. However, people were surprised when the water came down in the afternoon. In Ankleshwar, the flood water of Narmada river came at the speed of a bullet train. As 5 to 6 feet of water came in Ankleshwar in just 1 hour, people left everything and climbed on the roof or upper floor of the building to save their lives and spent the night.

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