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The youth stopped the bus for cutting the side and threatened the ST driver

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– Incidents of torture by rogue elements in Rajkot keep coming up every day. Yesterday the incident of threatening a CT bus driver with a knife came to light, today near Ramakrishna Ashram on Yagnik Road near the Executive Engineer’s office, an active driver stopped the bus in the middle of the road ST. He stopped the bus and took out a knife and threatened the driver. The video of this incident has gone viral. It is known that this incident took place due to the fact that the bus had cut the driver’s side. It is being discussed that the young man seen in the video threatened the bus driver by showing a knife and said, ‘I will take off your khaki.’ A Division Police has conducted further investigation. It is to be noted that when robberies are increasing in various areas of the city, there is a demand that the police system should act more strictly against such robbers.

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