Reassessment in 5985 cases of conversion

Along with property tax recovery notices, the Rajkot Municipality has also threatened to issue requisition notices where there is a change in the construction and usage patterns, which has created a rush among the property owners. As many as 5985 cases of conversion have been reassessed. Mainly residential properties have been altered in construction and residential properties have been used for commercial or industrial purposes. In particular, according to details from the property tax branch of Rajkot Municipality, during the current financial year, a total of three zones of the city from 1st April to 12th October. A total of 18 wards under 5985 properties were issued notices for the purpose of construction and usage and reassessment was done. Old market areas including Yagnik Road and Jagnath in Ward No. 7, areas including Palace Road-Soni Bazar in Ward No. 14, areas including Amin Marg, Housing Board Road, Kalavad Road in Ward No. 8 and areas including Nanamwa and Mavdi in Ward No. 11 Municipal sources suggested that such cases are more common.

A total of 2130 properties including 290 properties in Ward No.2, 288 in Ward No.3, 561 in Ward No.7, 288 in Ward No.13, 480 in Ward No.14 and 223 in Ward No.17 have been reassessed in Central Zone.
In East Zone, reassessment has been done in 1249 properties including 149 in Ward No.4, 194 in Ward No.5, 156 in Ward No.6, 176 in Ward No.15, 224 in Ward No.16, 350 in Ward No.18.
The rate of diversion was highest in the West Zone. Reassessment has been done in 2606 properties including 381 in Ward No.1, 509 in Ward No.8, 182 in Ward No.9, 305 in Ward No.10, 875 in Ward No.11, 354 in Ward No.12. The property tax income is now the main source of income for the Rajkot Municipality, along with twelve months recovery of the arrears, if there is a change in the above type of construction or usage in the ward, a requisition notice is issued and reassessment is being done immediately, as a result of which the tax income is also increasing. Commercial has twice the tax rate as compared to residential. By doing a reassessment for purpose, the tax revenue of that property is directly doubled.

It is worth mentioning here that from the beginning of the current financial year to date, a total of 3,39,754 property owners have deposited a total amount of .253 crore 61 lakh 20 thousand in the treasury of the municipality under property tax and water tax. While 14,788 properties have been assessed for new tax, 10,777 out of 10,994 applications for transfer of name in properties have been disposed of. After the implementation of carpet area basis assessment method in property tax, the number of objection applications has become negligible, only 22 objection applications have been received in six months.




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