Raw turmeric has many medicinal properties You will get relief from cold-cough disease, no joint pain, here is the right way to eat turmeric

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The rainy season is about to end. As soon as winter starts, raw turmeric will be available in the market. Let’s find out how raw turmeric, which you see with the leaves, is different from dry turmeric or turmeric powder and how beneficial it is for health…

Raw turmeric has more medicinal properties
Raw turmeric has a distinct aroma when it is cut. Turmeric is also called Karpuraharidra and Amragandhiharidra in Ayurveda. Karpoorharidra means turmeric smells like camphor and amragandhiharidra means turmeric also smells like mango.

Dr. Bhuwal Ram, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, says that raw turmeric has more medicinal properties than dry turmeric powder.

However, turmeric, both raw and dried, is rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. Turmeric contains manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, fiber, vitamin B3, B6, choline, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A. But the most special ingredient is ‘Curcumin’.

Raw turmeric should be used in dry cough. Grinding raw turmeric and mixing it with a spoonful of ghee cures cold and cough.

Turmeric turns yellow due to curcumin
Curcumin is the polyphenol compound that gives turmeric its yellow color. It has anti-inflammatory properties. That is, it works to relieve problems like inflammation, swelling, pain, infection in the body. Raw turmeric should be consumed as it is high in curcumin.

Dr. Bhuwal explains that curcumin is known for its anti-cancer properties. It is also being researched as a cancer drug.

Eating mixed with ghee will increase immunity
Raw turmeric is rarely available, so it is rarely used. But whenever raw turmeric is available in season it should be used for health benefits. Boil raw turmeric and drink it with a teaspoon of ghee in the morning. This strengthens the immune system.

Boil raw turmeric in milk and drink it
Milk boiled with raw turmeric is called ‘golden milk’. Grind raw turmeric and mix it in milk and heat till it boils.

Drinking such milk keeps the body away from many diseases and especially seasonal flu and cough. Babies should be given milk mixed with raw turmeric.

Especially children who have difficulty breathing. Haridra khand is prepared to be given to children i.e. medicine made of turmeric, jaggery and sugar.

Dr. Bhuwal explains that turmeric is a tuber. So it should be eaten boiled. Many times people drink warm milk with raw turmeric or turmeric powder. But by doing this the body does not get all the nutrition.

Raw turmeric keeps food poisoning away
Eating raw turmeric improves digestion. Eat raw turmeric even if you have stomach cramps. Raw turmeric is also called vedanasthapan or vednadi zero in Ayurveda.

Raw turmeric should also be used in cases of stomach ulcers. According to a ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine’ report published in the British Medical Journal (BMC), raw turmeric is very useful for the proper functioning of the liver. It increases liver enzymes. ‘The Archives of Nutrition’ states that turmeric also works in fatty liver.

According to Sushruta Samhita, the oldest book of Ayurveda, consumption of turmeric does not cause food poisoning.

Turmeric also has the name Crimighna which means destroyer of worms. Taking turmeric with milk kills worms.

Raw turmeric protects the skin from sunlight
Raw turmeric is a natural sunscreen lotion. Turmeric is called Varvarnini (for beautiful glowing skin), Kanchani and Yoshitpriya because of its property of maintaining the natural color of the skin. Yoshitpriya means one who applies salves and is beneficial in female diseases.

According to Dhanvantriya Nighantu raw turmeric is hot. It destroys kapha, vata, blood disorders and skin disorders.

Dr. Bhuwal states that in the southern states of the country, turmeric is mostly used as a paste because of these properties.

Raw turmeric is applied on the face to protect against ultraviolet rays. Many studies show that its use reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Raw turmeric is given in diabetes
Turmeric is used in kidney diseases. It lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Raw turmeric is also called a blood purifier.

Dr. Bhuwal Ram says that after delivery the mother should be fed milk mixed with raw turmeric. Because it purifies the mother’s milk and also works to clean the uterus. Baby gets good milk during breastfeeding.

Raw turmeric is a natural painkiller
If there is any injury or sprain on hands, feet or body, applying turmeric and lime paste is beneficial. This is the best natural painkiller. Have you ever noticed why turmeric turns red when lime is added to it? This is because turmeric neutralizes any two phenolic protons when exposed to lime.

This then converts the yellow colored original benzenoid structure to the red colored quinonoid structure. Red has a longer wavelength than yellow. This is the reason why when turmeric is mixed with lime, its color changes from yellow to red.

Should you drink turmeric water?
Can raw turmeric be soaked in water overnight and strained and consumed in the morning? On this question, Dr. Bhuwal Ram said that turmeric water should not be drunk. This is of no use. It should be consumed only after boiling.

Raw turmeric pickle is also best
Raw turmeric pickle is not only delicious to eat, it also has medicinal properties.

How to make raw turmeric pickle

  • Clean the turmeric by washing it with water.
  • Let it dry in the sun for a while
  • Finely chop the peeled turmeric
  • Heat mustard oil in a pan.
  • Add hing, fenugreek and turmeric along with all the spices.
  • Add lemon juice to the turmeric mixture
  • Mix it well
  • Keep the turmeric pickle in a container
  • Keep in sunlight for two days
  • Turmeric pickle is ready to eat

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