Provides protection against bacteria and viruses, improves digestion, panacea for diabetics Provides protection against bacteria and viruses, a panacea for diabetics

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Just as mother’s colostrum is rich in nutrition for the baby, cow’s or buffalo’s colostrum also contains some antibodies that enhance the human’s ability to fight diseases. Today in ‘Jaan-Jahan’ we learn from Ayurvedacharya Siddharth Singh about the benefits of the first milk of a cow or buffalo after the birth of a calf.

The first milk of cow or buffalo is known by many names
From the first to the seventh day the milk of a new calf i.e. the first milk of a cow or buffalo after the birth of a calf and the sweets made from it ‘bovine colostrum,’ ‘kharvas,’ ‘piyush’, ‘payos,’ ‘amrit’, ‘sudha’, ‘bali’ Known by many names including

It contains some micronutrients, which help protect the body from common flu and infections.

There are many benefits of ‘Bali’
It is made from milk before burning. This milk contains colostrum, which makes it more effective. Colostrum is high in antioxidants and antibodies, which strengthen the body’s immune system against bacterial and viral infections. This should definitely be given to children. This will be effective in strengthening the immune system of the child. When this milk is boiled, both its taste and texture resemble that of cheese.

Piyush is a treasure trove of nutrients

Everyone knows about the benefits of regular milk, but colostrum is more than that. It is rich in protein, magnesium, vitamins and minerals. Not only this, it also contains lactoferrin, which helps the immune system fight diseases. Due to which health remains healthy. It is considered a panacea for young children.

Get rid of diarrhea problem

Colostrum is considered very good for digestion. It makes the intestines healthy and removes stomach related problems. For example, one may consume colostrum to cure diarrhea. This milk is rich in antibodies and proteins.

Beneficial for diabetic patients
Jaggery is usually added while making colostrum. But if no sugar is added to it, it is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Colostrum helps regulate insulin levels in the body. Colostrum in milk improves glucose utilization which helps control blood sugar levels.

Prepare it like this
It is very easy to make colostrum from cow and buffalo milk. For this first heat the milk. Add sugar or jaggery as per taste. Apart from this, cardamom powder and dry fruits can also be mixed to enhance the taste. Now stir the milk continuously and let it boil. When the milk comes to boil, it will curdle by itself and the colostrum is ready. It can be served both hot and cold.

Athletes consume colostrum
Athletes use colostrum to build muscle, burn fat, and improve endurance and athletic performance. This bovine colostrum also helps in boosting the immune system, healing injuries, improving the nervous system and improving mood.


Cow or buffalo milk for the first week may have advantages as well as disadvantages. So sweets made from it should not be eaten in excess.

Do not feed colostrum to one-year-old babies. This can lead to the risk of anemia. People who are allergic to milk should also avoid it. People who cannot digest lactose should also not consume colostrum. They may have problems like skin rash, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, nausea etc.

Disclaimer- There are both advantages and disadvantages. The information contained in this article is provided as an advisory only. If you suffer from any kind of illness or allergy, consult a specialist before using colostrum.

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