Priyanka Kher’s ‘Garbo’ launch on the occasion of Navratri, 4.5 lakh people watched it in 20 days, even foreigners flocked to the tune!

Priyanka Kher News: The great festival of Navratri is approaching. Garba is also talking funny in classes. Different famous singers are also releasing their own songs and album songs. Similarly, the famous singer of Gujarat, Priyanka Kher, has also released one of her songs on YouTube this time and soon 4.5 lakh viewers watched it. From Gujarat to abroad, people are flocking to Priyanka Kher’s Garba.

Garbo is a 55 minute song. In this garba, 28 songs have been selected that will rock the entire Gujarat from Saurashtra to North Gujarat. Maybe that’s why 4.5 lakh people have seen this movie in 20 days and the viewers are still coming.

Speaking about this garba, singer Priyanka Kher says that it was in 2016 when I went to perform in America and there I saw that people played garba on 3 claps for 1 hour. That’s when I thought why don’t we shoot garba that can be played on 3 claps. Just today it came true and people managed to play 55 minutes on 3 claps.

Priyanka further talks that we were preparing for this garba since 2022. More than 80 people have worked hard in Garba. The music was also ready about a year ago. Garba has been shot near Dastan Circle. I had to do something new in these times. So I chose the culture of street garba and took people back to that atmosphere. The whole set was prepared in such a way that Sherry Garba is remembered again. Butterflies were applied and steps were also shot that way.

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Ankit Sakhiya as the director and Ajay Padaria as the art director-set production has played the role. Music is given by Alpesh Panchal. Priyanka thanked and gave credit to all the 80 people who worked wholeheartedly from the smallest role to the biggest. Currently this song is getting an amazing response, the biggest thing is that our Gujaratis are flocking to this Garba of Priyanka Kher even in Canada and US. This time, Priyanka Kher said that she is in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Umiya Dham, Vaishnadevi Circle, Gandhinagar and Chiloda Circle.. In Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Priyanka Kher will make noise this Navratri and make Gujaratis feel garba.

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