Power cut at Manila’s airport strands thousands

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Long queues were seen forming in airport terminals crowded with passengers waiting to rebook their flights.

Cesar Chiong, general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, said the airport was early Monday handling a maximum of 15 arrivals per hour compared to 20 during normal operations.

The outage was the result of the unprecedented failure of both primary and secondary power supplies, he said, adding that it would take about 72 hours for the airlines to normalize their operations.

Around 65,000 passengers were affected after 361 flights were either delayed, canceled or diverted to other regional airports on Sunday (January 1), while several other flights were forced to reroute to avoid airspace. Filipino.

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines said it was arranging recovery flights from the United States, Singapore and Malaysia, diverting some flights to domestic airports. Budget carrier Cebu Pacific canceled 54 domestic flights on Monday.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport was previously ranked among the worst international gateways in the world, with flight delays a regular occurrence, and a history of upgrades that were delayed or abandoned due to disputes between the airport and contractors.

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