PM Modi on a two-day visit to Gujarat Said – When Modi removes obstacles one after another, he intends to destroy the opponents

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  • I got an opportunity to develop tribal belt from Umargam to Ambaji
  • I still don’t have a house in my name, but I have built a house in the name of the sisters of the country

PM is on a 2 day visit to Gujarat. Arrived at Ahmedabad airport yesterday Tuesday. Where Gujsel attended the Narishakti Vandan program at the parking ground and addressed the women. After celebrating 20 years of success of Vibrant Gujarat at Science City today on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the people in an open jeep after his arrival at Bodeli Helipad in Chhota Udepur district. Through this program Prime Minister Modi Rs. 5206 crore works were inaugurated and signed. Addressing a large public, Modi attacked the opposition. He said that as Modi removes one hurdle after another, he intends to crush the opposition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s live address…

  • Modi’s guarantee for the development of tribal society
  • Seek answers from those who have not delivered on their promises
  • The people of the tribal community were deprived, they were misled
  • The new Parliament of India was formed and Shakti Vandan Adhineyam was the first act in it
  • The country celebrates the birthday of Lord Birsa Munda as Tribe Day
  • A single guarantee Modi’s guarantee
  • Forestry centers opened in tribal villages
  • Completed the work which was stalled for 30 years
  • 25 thousand new classrooms and 5 new medical colleges were started in tribal society belt
  • If I go to the border area, I find the youth of my tribal community guarding the border of the country.
  • My family for the last 2 decades we emphasized on the work of education
  • Earlier children had to drop out of school
  • Conducted a campaign for the recruitment of 2 lakh teachers for the appointment of teachers
  • Once a laggard in quant, today skill development is taking over.
  • Having seen happiness and sorrow among you, I have done the work of disposing of it
  • I still don’t have a house in my name, but I have built a house in the name of the women of the country
  • Today the woman became Lakhpati Didi
  • Today, money is deposited directly into people’s accounts and to create a home that they enjoy
  • More than 4 crore houses have been built across the country today
  • The hard work of that time is paying off today
  • Coming to Bodeli brought back old memories
  • Traveled by bicycle and bus to Chhota Udepur Panthak and stayed overnight
  • Bringing government to your doorstep for development
  • Now mobile and internet are not new for the villagers
  • Village mothers and sisters talk to their children who are far away on video calls
  • For me, even before becoming the Chief Minister, I have a relationship with the people here
  • What I learned from you is useful in Delhi.
  • Got a chance to meet very old people
  • I used to come in the bus while doing organization work
  • I had the opportunity to gift the development of tribal belt from Umargam to Ambaji
  • Earlier I used to come here from time to time
  • I have come to Bodeli very badly

Prime Minister Modi will go among the people in an open jeep
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive at the Bodelli Helipad and reach the reception venue. Later, he will visit the exhibition counter and go to the public meeting place in an open jeep among the people. Narendra Modi will be welcomed by various institutions. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel will give a speech after the welcome speech by Education Minister. Online inauguration of development works and various videos will be shown. After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a huge public gathering. It is worth mentioning that after 10 months, Narendra Modi will again hold a meeting in Bodeli.

A meeting will be held again in Bodeli after 10 months
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Ade Chotaudepur district during his two-day tour of Gujarat. Then their public meeting has been organized at Bodeli. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming again today after 10 months to Bodeli, the main commercial center of Chotaudepur district. There is a lot of enthusiasm among women and people. 10 months ago i.e. on 1 December 2022, a public meeting was held regarding the assembly elections. At that time, the meeting was to be held in Bodeli before the announcement of the election and then the package was planned to be announced. But the system did not take a decision in time to fix the date and venue and issued the election notification. So there was no advertisement in Bodelli. So it has been decided to first select Bodeli for the Lok Sabha elections and provide assistance through schemes. It is to be mentioned that the Prime Minister has a different affection towards Bodeli, it has been proved again. A huge mandap and arrangements have been made by Tantra in a very short time for Bodeli’s meeting. Everyone is curious about Modi’s speech in Bodeli.

Prime Minister’s security is tight
5 SPs, 14 DYSPs, 125 PIs and PSIs and 1700 police constables have been deployed in the security arrangements. Also around 2500 teachers have been employed.

Planning of 1000 buses
Vadodara divisional office has been entrusted with the responsibility of arranging buses to transport people for this program. Divisional Office Vadodara received 25 from Bhuj Division, 150 from Junagadh Division, 25 from Vadodara, 130 from Surat, 80 from Bharuch, 75 from Bhavnagar, 120 from Godhra, 120 from Valsad, 25 from Jamnagar, 100 from Amreli, 150 from Rajkot Division. A total of 1000 buses have been planned. These buses are allotted to six taluks of Chotaudepur district. In which 100 buses for Chhotaudepur taluka, 200 for Sankheda taluka, 100 for Kawat taluka, 180 for Naswadi taluka, 320 for Bodeli taluka and 100 for Pavi Jetpur taluka have been entrusted to transport people to the meeting place.

Rs. 5206 crores of various developments and launch
Under the Prime Minister’s Mission School of Excellence at Bedili in Chotaudepur district Rs. 4505 crores are going to be gifted for various educational development works. Apart from this, the Prime Minister will also inaugurate and inaugurate the development works of Roads and Buildings, Urban Development, Science and Technology and Water Supply Departments.

Under Mission School of Excellence Rs. 4505 crore development works
Under the Prime Minister’s Mission School of Excellence project Rs. 4505 crore will be launched and completed. Under this scheme Rs. 1426 crores of works launched and Rs. 3079 crore works will be completed. This includes 9088 new classrooms, 50,300 smart classrooms, 19,600 computer labs, upgradation of 12,622 classrooms and other educational facilities.

Village Wi-Fi for 20 lakh beneficiaries in 7500 villages
The Prime Minister will launch village Wi-Fi facility for 20 lakh beneficiaries in 7500 villages of 22 districts. For this Rs. 60 crore has been spent. Besides, Rs. 277 crore at the cost of Roads and Buildings Department, Rs. 251 crore to the Urban Development Department and Rs. 80 crores will be launched and completed the development works of the water supply department. At Dahod Rs. Navodaya Vidyalaya at a cost of 23 crores and Rs. An FM radio studio will also be launched at a cost of 10 crores.

In 25 villages drinking water problem will be a thing of the past
At the hands of Narendra Modi, the quantum group scheme and the associated Paliya connectivity will be finalized. By which the people of 25 villages of Kawant will get rid of drinking water problem permanently. To overcome the problem of drinking water caused by non-potable and insufficient ground water in a total of 25 villages of Kawant taluka of Chotaudepur district Rs. 79.52 crore Narmada River Basin based DDS has planned quantum group water supply and associated paliya connectivity through bulk pipeline laying. This will permanently solve the problem of drinking water for the population of approximately 41 thousand people in 25 villages of the hilly area of ​​this taluka.

In this scheme, raw water of Narmada is pumped from the underground sump at Moti Chikhli to a 6.50 MLD capacity Festration Plant and the purified drinking water is transported through an approximate 211.08 km pipeline to a total of 33 tall tanks of 1.79 MLD capacity and 1.79 MLD capacity as per the geographical conditions. A total of 47 underground pumps of 11.64 ml capacity have been planned to supply drinking water with adequate pressure from Narmada.

The project will be completed by July-2025 after signing off by the Prime Minister. With this development gift of Narendra Modi, the women of the tribal belt here will get comfortable drinking water.

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