Plastic pollution reaches the clouds, found in particles as small as 5 millimeters in size

Approximately 1 crore tonnes of plastic pieces reach the sea from the land.

Evidence of movement from the ocean to the atmosphere

Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

Tokyo, October 5, 2023, Thursday

Due to plastic pollution, the oceans of the world are becoming like a waste basket. Evidence of microplastics is everywhere. Micro plastic particles are also airborne which enter the body through breathing. Water and food are also not exempt from fine particles of plastic. However, the most surprising thing is that microplastic particles have been found even in the clouds from where the rainwater reaches the earth. Japanese scientists have identified plastic particles from clouds for the first time. Researchers believe that microplastic particles are having a serious impact on atmospheric and ocean water evaporation systems.

The shape or size of the plastic particle which is five millimeters or less is called micro plastic. According to the research, every year approximately 10 million tons of plastic pieces reach the sea from the land. From where it moves towards the atmosphere. Their presence in the clouds is a strong proof of this. Micro particles can return to earth in the form of water from the cloud which will be called plastic rain in the future.

According to information published in the journal Environment Chemistry Letters, the researchers took groundwater samples from an altitude of about 3 to 4 km from the summit and southeastern foothills of Mount Fuji, Mount Oyama. Physical and chemical analyzes of plastic microparticles were observed. Imaging techniques were used to detect plastic particles.

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