People who have flat feet are not allowed to join the army If symptoms are seen, get treatment in childhood, understand this problem with 5 signs

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Everyone moves differently. This happens because of the structure of the foot. One of these is flat feet, also known as flat feet. If the arch formed in the sole of the foot does not rest in the body, it is called flat foot.

Flat feet is a reduction or absence of arch in the soles of the feet. This is not a serious problem, but if it is not treated in time, it can later lead to complaints of pain along with swelling in the legs. People who have flat feet problem cannot join army. It should be treated on time. Flat feet can be easily treated at home.

today In ‘Jan-Jahan’ Let’s learn about the problem of flat feet from Physiotherapist Khyati Sharma.

A normal foot has an arch. There is an empty space between the heel and the toes called the arch. But in flat feet the soles of the feet are completely flat. There is absolutely no space in them. The sole has no arch and therefore the sole touches the ground completely.

Full recovery after flat feet surgery can take six to twelve months.

A baby is born with flat feet
A baby is born with flat feet. After two-three years, his feet start to develop and arch in the soles. Flat feet in children can be seen in two ways. At first, when the child is sitting, an arch appears in the sole, but as soon as the child stands up or starts walking, the foot completely flattens and the arch disappears.

Second, the arch is not visible when the child is sitting and the feet remain flat even when standing or walking. The first condition is easy to treat or rather the first condition is very common and the child develops on its own. But in other cases, the treatment is a bit difficult. So, don’t ignore conditions like flat feet.

Flat feet are also seen in adults. Injuries due to excessive physical activity can also cause flat feet. Sometimes this disease is also caused due to genetic disorder.

Flat feet problem in pregnant women
Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from flat feet. This problem does not cause any pain, but if the problem is neglected for a long time, it can lead to complaints of swollen ankles, knee, back, foot and sole pain. Apart from this, it also increases stress.

Flat feet can be caused by diabetes
Diabetes can also cause flat feet. Diabetes directly affects the nervous system and the feet suffer the most. Therefore, diabetic patients are at increased risk of flat feet.

Flat feet can also be a family problem
The problem of flat feet is also transmitted from parents to children. This disease can also be caused by genes in children. If flat feet runs in a family, it is common for the next generation to have flat feet.

Injury can also cause flat feet
A foot injury may cause a complaint of arches in the sole. Injuries caused by excessive exercise, running or jumping while playing can lead to flat feet problem. So, be careful not to get injured while playing or exercising.

Arthritis is also responsible for flat feet
Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes joint pain. This is a type of arthritis. Due to this, abnormalities in the ligaments of the feet begin to increase and they begin to loosen. This results in a condition like flat feet.

Obesity also causes flat feet
Obesity can also cause flat feet. It becomes difficult for the sole to bear the heavy weight of the body and this gives rise to many problems. One of them is flat feet. Excess weight puts pressure on the feet and the sole starts to flatten gradually.

Flat feet is a muscle disease
Flat feet can also be caused by disturbances in the nervous system and muscles. Nervous system as well as muscular diseases such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida directly affect the development of the body. In such cases, due to inhibition of growth, arch formation may stop on the bottom.

Treatment of flat feet is possible

Flat feet can be recovered by – Treatment to improve flat feet is to recover flat feet. The soles are reshaped through surgery. This surgery provides a permanent cure for flat feet. But in some cases flat feet recovery surgery can also have adverse effects. In such a condition, there is a possibility of blood clot formation as well as nerve damage.

yoga practice- Flat feet can also be cured with yoga. Practicing yoga asanas like Veerasana, Trikonasana every day can relieve this problem.

Physiotherapy- Arches in shoes can be created through physiotherapy. The problem of flat feet can be removed from its roots with exercise and physiotherapy.

Stretching and medication- Stretching exercises should be done to cure flat feet. Apart from this, you can also take help of medicines and injections on doctor’s advice. Stretching can be very beneficial in this problem, as it creates tension and stretch on the plantar ligaments.

Weight loss- obesity : Contributes a lot in promoting flat feet. In such a situation, the body should be fully taken care of and the weight should be kept under control so as not to put too much pressure on the sole. Controlling the weight reduces the load on the soles of the feet and relaxes the feet.

Keep diabetes under control- The most important thing to overcome this disease is to understand its causes and prevent it. If diabetes is the cause of flat feet, the first step is to control the diabetes.

Disclaimer: Creating arches in the soles of the feet is not a very difficult task. Adopting the treatments in this article can cause arches in the soles of the feet. But if the problem has increased, get treatment only after consulting an expert.

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