Paris Bed bugs Crisis: Horrifying scenes have gone viral on social media, Emmanuel Macron expressed concern about the crisis

Paris Bed Bugs Crisis: Blood-sucking insect terror has spread in Paris, France. These insects are not only found in people’s homes but also in places like movie theaters, trains and Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

Iconic Image (Courtesy: X)

Iconic Image (Courtesy: X)

The terror of blood-sucking insects (Paris Bed bugs Crisis) has spread in Paris, France. In recent weeks, there has been a sharp increase in cases of bedbugs. The terror of this insect has spread to such an extent that this insect is being seen in places including trains, Paris metro and cinemas. However, next year in France OlympicsWhen it is going to be planned, a big question is coming up as the terror of blood-sucking insects (Paris Bed Bugs Crisis) has suddenly increased in France. The anxiety of all France is heightened. Meanwhile, the French government said on Tuesday that it would hold an emergency meeting on the matter this week.

According to the information received, the Olympics are to be held in France in 2024. For this reason many athletes from all over the world will arrive in France. France is also scheduled to host the Rugby World Cup at the same time. But the Paris Bed Bugs Crisis has become a major concern for the French government.

The city of Paris is severely affected by the Paris Bed Bugs Crisis. These blood-sucking insects are not only found in people’s homes but also in movie theaters, trains, and Charles-de-Gaulle airport are also being seen in places like Parisians are taking to social media to express their concern about this dangerous situation and share their experiences of the pest infestation.

A person Social media But while sharing his experience about this, he wrote, “Oh, my life is really going to end. Bedbugs are truly terrifying. Another user, demanding action to get rid of these pests, wrote, “It’s time to start a revolution against bedbugs”. need an episode of.`

Between 2017 and 2022, one in 10 French homes was infested with cockroaches. And again the terror of these blood-sucking insects has spread. Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy mayor of Paris, warned that no one is safe here. He also called a meeting to deal with the pest and termed it a public health emergency. Addressing Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, a request was also made to develop an action plan to tackle the problem.

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