Outcry over false reports being given in a private lab in Rajpipla, dengue hotspot: Action required

News of Wednesday, 20th September 2023

Outcry over false reports being given in a private lab in Rajpipla, dengue hotspot: Action required

According to the government statistics, a total of eight dengue cases were reported in the district from last April to September: A private laboratory in Rajpipla, in connivance with doctors, is accused of cheating patients by giving false reports of dengue.

(By Bharat Shah) Rajpipla: Dengue is currently on the rise in Narmada district, after the release of lakhs of cusecs of water from Narmada dam, the health department is taking precautions to prevent an epidemic. A survey has also been started, although according to the government statistics, eight dengue patients have come up in the district from last April to September. This is according to the tests of the government laboratory, but there are also rumors that the reports of some private labs are being wrong, including in Rajpipla. Almost all the reports of dengue test from a private laboratory are shown positive and when there is a rumor that they are making huge money by conniving with some doctors, if there is even a little truth in this matter, then the health department should take action against such a lab. Strict action has to be taken.

According to the statistics of the health department, only eight dengue positive patients have come up from April to September, while according to the report of the private lab, especially in Rajpipla city, many patients have come out dengue positive. Local leaders are of the opinion that strict action should be taken against such a lab and sealed as per the rule if the fault is found.
However, when we discussed with a health official about this private lab making false reports, we told him off the record that we also have this lab. We will investigate the complaints and take necessary action. But we do not accept private report in dengue or any other major disease and we ask the patient to report in government hospital only.

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