Orewa company responsible for Morbi disaster

News of Wednesday, 11th October 2023

Orewa company responsible for Morbi disaster

SIT team submits 5000-page investigation report to court in cable bridge disaster case: Explanation that 135 people were murdered, not an accident: MD, manager of Orewa company are responsible: Section 302 should be imposed against the accused

New delhi date. 10: The investigation team appointed regarding the Morbi cable bridge disaster which became a topic of discussion in the whole country (SIT) has submitted his report in court today. In which it is stated that only Orewa company is responsible for this shocking accident.

In the Gujarat High Court today on the issue of Morbi hanging bridge tragedy SIT A report has been presented. In which it has been revealed that Orewa company is fully responsible for this accident and it is not an accident but the murder of 135 people. Also, the report mentioned that Section 302 should be imposed against the accused. It may be mentioned that 134 people died in the Morbi Bridge accident.

Case of Morbi Cable Bridge disaster SITThe team has submitted its investigation report to the court. State Govt in Cable Bridge Tragedy SIT was formed. Then today SIT The team has submitted a 5000-page investigation report in the court. Earlier, important revelations were also made in the internal investigation report. Then further hearing will be held on this issue. The report has cited the responsibility of people including the managing director, manager of Orewa company in the event of the bridge breaking. The Morbi cable bridge disaster has exposed the gross negligence of the Orewa company.

The report said that all the people of the Orewa company, which operates and repairs the bridge, are responsible for the incident. MD According to the report, people including Jaysukh Patel, manager Dinesh Dave, manager Deepak Parekh are responsible for the incident.

Also, the report said that there was no restriction or restriction on the number of people allowed to go to the bridge. No fitness report was prepared before the opening of the bridge. Aureva company did not even consult the municipality. There was no restriction on ticket sales either. The report also mentions that there is a lack of security equipment and security personnel on the bridge.

In Gujarat High Court SITNo final report has been received by the aggrieved party. The report also stated that the work of the bridge was given to Devprakash Solutions, whose reliability was not checked. It was not decided how many tickets to sell. The management of Orewa Company is responsible for the collapse of the bridge. There was no proper security on the bridge. The bridge was started without bridge maintenance and fitness certificate. So Aureva company is fully responsible for this accident.

More information will be known after a thorough study of the report. But this is not an accident but a murder, section 302 should be applied against the accused. Several papers were written by the Orewan company to the municipality regarding the condition of the bridge

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