Neither eye-catching lights, nor speakers, 16-step master of fine arts turns 68 | Neither eye-catching lights, nor speakers, 16-step master of fine arts turned 68

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  • The students-faculty of the first batch of Fine Arts started the garba
  • Garba is played to the tune of harmonium, dhol, manjira, khanjari, cymbal, conch, zalar.

The Garba of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Gangotri of Vadodara’s Garba culture, has been around for more than 68 years. Students, teachers and ex-teachers dance to the beat of garba and instruments sung without loud speakers. There is also a time limit. Garba runs from 8 to 11 pm. Garba from 6 to 16 steps is played here.

The teachers and students of the first batch of Fine Arts College started the Garba together. Kalaguru Jyoti Bhatt in Vadodara is said to be Bhishmapita who started Garba. He was joined by Vinodshah, Ramesh Pandya, Raghav Kaneria, Nainaben Dalal, Kumudben Patel, Jyotsnaben Bhatt etc. Manu Nirmal for 50 years and Mukeshbhai Bhatt for 42 years are also serving in this Garba.

File photo of Garbani of Fine Arts where the faculty of artists with worship of Shakti is also in steps 6 to 16 in form of creativity.

Till today, the tradition of Garba is maintained that the students of the college are sitting in the middle of the Garba. Navratri is enjoyed to the tune of harmonium, dhol, manjira, khanjri, citaal, conch, zalar, no dazzling lights or loud speakers, no sponsors, no professional actors to play the song. For years Garba has been sung without mike only in fine arts.

Ambika Patel, Dean of Fine Arts, said that the young men and women who came to study in this college from the country and abroad wear different clothes as artists. The faculty has a large number of students from outside Gujarat and all of them sing and perform Gujarati garba with great interest.

Garba-Garbi Mataji-Krishna Bhakti, songs are by Meghani
We have that Garba-Garbi Mataji and Krishna Bhakti. Zawerchand Meghani went from village to village and collected the songs sung by the people in unison and made the book Radhiyali Raat. Among them, songs are sung in the style of folk songs. Hinch, chalati and doohachhand humor are found only in fine art. Here only students of faculty, teachers, former staff, families of students participate in Garba. > Manunirmal, Artist, Fine Arts

The Garbana Step of Fine Arts is inspired by the swimmer’s fair
6 step, 8 step, 12 step, 14 step, 16 step young men and women are spinning in the garba of fine arts. The steps taken here have been imitated from the steps of the swimmers’ mela or tribal mela and then the Nawaj step has been started.

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