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Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad: There can be no tournament bigger than the World Cup in any sport. Even though the game of T20 has commercialized cricket and the World Test Championship is said to be the purest of the pure formats to pick winners, winning an ODI in the ODI World Cup is still the biggest thing in cricket today. The ODI World Cup is starting today.

India is hosting the World Cup and Ahmedabad has become its epicenter. Important matches like the tournament opener (England vs New Zealand) to the final, India vs Pakistan, Australia vs England are being played at Ahmedabad. So it is no exaggeration to say that Ahmedabad has now become the new home of cricket leaving Lord’s behind.

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It is worth mentioning that, it is not right to give Ahmedabad the title of home of cricket just because it is the biggest cricket stadium in the world. In this way, Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground, which has won the most ODI World Cups, would have given itself the title by entering this race. Apart from being the largest stadium in the world, the kind of facilities here. The kind of wickets that are. The kind of vibes it has, makes it larger than life.

Seating capacity of Narendra Modi Stadium
On paper, the seating capacity of the stadium is 1 lakh 32 thousand. However, certain seats will not be used to extend the dressing room and in keeping with international protocols. Around 1 lakh 20 thousand seats will be used during World Cup 2023.

Hospitality box
Fans can enjoy the match from the stands. Apart from that one can also enjoy it from corporate boxes. There are a total of 76 corporate boxes, each with 25 seats. Apart from that, the stadium also has a luxurious President’s Box on the third floor. This box is reserved for guests of BCCI, GCA and ICC. The class sitting here has a view of the match from the center wicket.

Motera has 11 wickets, average score may be around 290
There are 11 wickets in total at Motera. Out of which 5 are from local black soil, 5 are from combination of Mumbai red soil, Murram yellow soil and local black soil. So 1 pitch is made of red soil from Mumbai and black soil from Odisha. It has 75% red soil from Mumbai and 25% black soil from Odisha. During the tournament, fog may have an effect. To combat this, groundsmen will use anti-dew sprays in addition to moisture balancing. Batting friendly wickets were seen here during the IPL. So the average first innings score in the tournament could be between 280 to 290.

The stadium has a sand-based outfield with a sub-soil drainage system. According to GCA Secretary Anil Patel, “The pre-season renovation has been done immediately after the IPL, and the groundsman has completed all the work before formally handing over the ground to the organizing committee.”

dressing room
There are four dressing rooms, two on each side. The dressing room is spacious and has pictures of India’s 1983 World Cup and 2011 World Cup victories. There is a viewing gallery where players and support staff can view the ground before heading to the dugout. There are three physio rooms on each side of the dressing room, two player arenas on each side. There is also a large lunch room and briefing room for home and away teams. The dressing rooms are well maintained with state-of-the-art facilities including a gym. However, it is a long walk from the dugout to the dressing room.

Team India’s record in Ahmedabad
Team India has played a total of 18 ODIs in Ahmedabad since 1984. During this time, 10 matches have been won, while 8 matches have been lost. Notably, this data also includes matches played at the old Sardar Patel Stadium. A total of 3 ODIs have been played here after the Narendra Modi Stadium was renovated and became the world’s largest cricket stadium. Indian team has won in these three matches.

Note: The match statistics in the story are before the start of the World Cup.

The following matches will be played at Ahmedabad in World Cup 2023:

team date and time
India vs New Zealand October 5, 2 pm
India vs Pakistan October 14, 2 pm
England vs Australia November 4, 2 pm
South Africa vs Netherlands November 10, 2 pm
The final November 19, 2 pm

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