Naib Mamlatdar’s team distributed leaflets to the pilgrims Naib Mamlatdar’s team distributed leaflets to the pilgrims

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  • System Exercise for Electoral Reform in Mata Madh

The general election of the Lok Sabha is to be held, for which the system has already made preparations and at present there is a huge crowd of pilgrims in Mata’s mausoleum, the team of Naib Mamlatdar distributed a leaflet to create awareness among the people for the purpose of electoral roll reform. The Election Commission of India has announced “Electoral Reform Program” from 27th October to 9th December, in which Lakhpat Taluka Electoral Deputy Deputy Mamlatdar Ramji Bukolia, Operator Haresh Gadiya in Ashapura Mela at Matanamadh in Lakhpat Taluka are among the people who come to Mata Madh even on holidays. Gave advice to the people regarding correction of name in electoral roll, entry of name, transfer of election card in case of migration, correction of address etc. and gave understanding to people about voting. In order to create awareness among the young voters, a pamphlet about the Electoral Roll Reform Program was distributed along with the welcome to the devotees of Mataji who came for darshan on the road. The service of the employees was applauded by the devotees who came for the darshan of Mataji.

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