Mumbai Local Train: 100 local trains from Khar to Goregaon will be canceled after Dussehra, know the reasons

After Dussehra, services of 80 to 100 local trains (Mumbai Local Train) will be canceled every day for about a week, as work will be done to connect the new line with the old one.

Mumbai Local Train (Symbolic Image)

Mumbai Local Train (Symbolic Image)

Mumbai Local Train: Western Railway To facilitate movement of local trains, long distance trains are being separated from the existing network. A fifth-sixth line was planned for this in 2008, the section of the sixth line from Khar to Goregaon is going to start next month. This will give some relief to the passengers of Western Railway and also give the railway an option to increase the service. But before this relief, the movement of local trains is going to be badly affected for a few days. After Dussehra, the services of 80 to 100 local trains will be canceled every day for about a week, as work will be done to connect the new line with the old one. The sixth line is to be connected to the Bandra terminus, so that long-distance trains can have a separate corridor to Borivali.

A decision on extending the service will be taken later

Work on the sixth line between Khar and Goregaon has been completed. After this work will be done between Goregaon to Borivali. A senior official said that several works are going to be done simultaneously on Western Railway from Andheri to Borivali in the next two years. During this period, a conscious decision has to be taken to increase the services of local trains, as incidents like late running of trains, point spread etc. may increase. Western Railway will operate on sixth line from Goregaon to Borivali. Borivli to Virar Work on the fifth and sixth lines up to is being done by the Mumbai Rail Development Corporation (MRVC). MRVC is working on third and fourth lines between Virar and Dahanu. Meanwhile, work on the terminus at Jogeshwari has been approved.

Amrit station work also

Harbor line is also being extended from Goregaon to Borivali. Along with all these works, Amrit station work will also be done at some stations. A senior official said that many projects running simultaneously in a limited space are causing bottlenecks. Apart from technical hurdles, it is also challenging to coordinate across departments to execute multiple projects simultaneously.

2,720 services will be cancelled

Western Railway has started the cut and connection work for the sixth line from October 7, which will end on November 4. A total of 2720 services will be canceled in these 29 days, while 1820 services will be delayed. In the first 13 days of this work i.e. till October 19, 2 services per day will be canceled and services will be delayed for about 10 days. Six daily from October 20 Local trains There will be cancellations, while the biggest problem is 330 to 400 service cancellations per day from October 25 to October 29. After this, 100-200 services will be canceled every day from October 30 to November 4.

But know

The work will continue for 29 days
2720 ​​services will be cancelled
1820 service will run late
61 Mail Express trains will be cancelled
227 long distance trains will be shorter

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