Ministry’s warning, sugar stock information must be given by Tuesday, otherwise there will be penalty

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– Stakeholders of sugar include wholesalers, retailers, large retailers

New delhi date. 16 October 2023, Monday

The government has issued a final warning to all stakeholders connected with the sugar trade to declare their stocks on the Food Ministry’s website by October 17, i.e. tomorrow. And if anyone does not do so, strict action will be taken against them. Such traders may also be fined or banned.

The food ministry had on September 23 directed all sugar stakeholders to report their stock status weekly on their website. But the ministry found that many stakeholders involved in sugar trading and storage have still not registered themselves on the sugar stock management system. Sugar stakeholders include wholesalers, retailers, large retailers.

The government should impose a fixed export duty on sela rice

Rice exporters have requested the Center to impose a fixed export duty of $80 per tonne instead of the existing 20% ​​duty on sela rice for ease of trade. The Indian Rice Exporters Association has also demanded that the government reconsider the export ban imposed on white rice in July and reduce the minimum export price of basmati rice to $850 per tonne.

Retrenchment continues in three giant companies

Layoffs are going on in three giant IT companies of the country. Infosys’ headcount has declined by 7,530 quarter-on-quarter to 3,28,764 as of September 30, 2023. TCS’ headcount fell by 6,000 to 6,08,985 at the end of September. However, it will recruit 40,000 freshers in the current financial year.

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