Medicinal Properties of Nagarvel Leaf: Panacea for Physiological Problems

News of Monday, 9th October 2023

Medicinal Properties of Nagarvel Leaf: Panacea for Physiological Problems

Nagarvel leaves can be consumed in cough, wounds, digestive system and breathing problems

New Delhi: Today every second person is suffering from constipation. This problem is caused by wrong eating and drinking habits and irregular lifestyle. Due to these two reasons our body can become a house of diseases. If the stomach is bad, many problems start one after the other.

If you are also a victim of constipation and looking for a remedy to get rid of it. So let us tell you a great cure today. This green leaf of Rs 1 can also remove years old constipation. This leaf can cure not only constipation but also many other problems in your body. This leaf is nagarvel leaf. This leaf is often consumed after meals. This leaf can relieve you from constipation. Apart from this, this leaf has many benefits. Let us tell you that too.


Eaten with betel nuts, this leaf is rich in antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Which helps in getting relief from cough and cold.

digestive system

Consuming this leaf makes the digestive system very strong and you don’t get stomach related problems again.

Wounds heal

Talking about the medicinal properties of this leaf, it also heals wounds on the body. For that, grind the leaf and apply its paste on the wound.

Appetite increases

You will be surprised to know that if you chew this leaf and eat it, you will feel hungry very quickly. That is, this leaf is also used to increase appetite.

Teeth become stronger

Chewing nagar vel leaves removes bad breath and also cures tooth bacteria and decay. Chewing this leaf can cure all problems related to teeth and mouth.

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