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An hour agoAuthor: Gaurang Darji

‘Hey, you are that rare species who still has belief in Mahatma Gandhi?’ One day in the year 2247, in a small town in Gujarat, a person who looked like an astronaut came and stood and an old man began to question. It came from the moon. The thing was that in the world after 225 years from today, the Earthlings had started living on the Moon by establishing a colony. Wars began to take over more and more of the lunar land. That Chandravasi set his communication language to Gujarati and started a conversation with the seated old man, carrying on the legacy of Gandhi’s ideas. The people of other countries and planets were attacking to occupy the colony he established on the moon. The Gandhian asked why he did not give a straight answer. Chandravasi said, ‘We have to fight against robots. How can we survive?’ ‘So how can I or my Mahatma help you?’ Chandravasi said that they did a lot of research, and realized that a solution could only be found in the Mahatma’s thoughts. Gandhian Malkayo. He touched a wall and opened an application called ‘Mentor Mahatma.’ Studying the app a bit, he says, ‘You adopt an attitude of non-cooperation. If the robots come to attack, you stand in front of them without doing anything.’ ‘Then we shall be killed.’ ‘No. Whoever created such brutal robots must have programmed an eye for an eye and a life for life. If you stand non-violently, those machines will do the same.’ Chandravasi seems to have found his solution. He jumped up and said, ‘Wow, Mahatma on the moon.’

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