Learn about tethered drones monitoring the India Pakistan match in Ahmedabad, drones-surveillance-on-india-pakistan-match-world-cup-match-in-ahmedabad

The India Pakistan match is scheduled to be held on 14th October at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Tethered drones will be used by Ahmedabad Police for security arrangements following the high voltage match. During the World Cup cricket match, drone surveillance will keep a hawk eye over the stadium and surrounding area.

Tether drone

Ahmedabad: All preparations for this drone surveillance have been made by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch. This drone will be deployed for 12 hours surveillance. This drone will be able to see all the smallest objects within a radius of five kilometers. Especially if there is any suspicious activity on the roofs of the stadium and the surrounding area, the drone will come under the eye of the drone.

Aerial surveillance in India Pakistan match : Crime branch will fly tethered drone over Narendra Modi stadium. This drone can see even the smallest objects within a 5 km radius. This drone will keep at a height of 100 feet. The drone will circle around the stadium where the crowd is expected to be high and monitor the situation.

Information about the movement of terrorists : Shahnawaz, the wanted accused of Al Sufa terrorist organization caught by Delhi’s special cell, has confessed to racketeering in cities including Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Vadodara, Gujarat police is on alert. Seeing the timers and explosives like ammonium nitrate caught from the terrorists of this group from Chittorgarh and Pune, the Gujarat police have put many suspects under surveillance regarding the festival and match.

Ahmedabad police on alert mode: Bollywood celebrities, well-known businessmen, corporates, sponsors, etc. will start arriving at the Ahmedabad airport from Friday on chartered planes to enjoy the exciting match of the India Pakistan match to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Saturday.

Entry into the stadium from 10 am : Spectators will enjoy the longest match in the world’s largest Narendra Modi Stadium. For the first time in any match, the spectators will be able to enter the stadium from 10 am in the morning and stay in the stadium at 10:30 pm, i.e. for more than twelve and a half hours. During this time more than 1 lakh 30 thousand people will be available in this stadium. This is indeed a historical event. After the threatening email received by the NIA and the threatening audio of terrorist Gurpatwantsinh Pannu, the state government and central agencies do not want to take any kind of risk. So, for security reasons, spectators will be allowed to enter the stadium at 10:00 am.

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