‘Kuber’, the largest treasure found in the seas of Egypt, you’ll be blown away by the price tag

The research team investigated the southern canal where large parts of the ancient temple were found, which collapsed during a cataclysmic event in the second century BC. According to information, this place was the temple of Lord Amun where the king used to come to get his title of power.

Never lost treasure found in the sea!!

The research team said, ‘We have found valuables belonging to the temple treasury. We have found silver tools, precious gold jewelry, alabaster containers with perfumes or scents used in worship. We are proud of the fact that we have discovered this precious asset. Also, thousands of years ago we witness the pioneers of people living in this port city.

Never lost treasure found in the sea!!

Archaeological excavations conducted jointly by the Goddio Department and Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism revealed 5 m of very well-preserved wooden columns and beams, the institute said.

Never lost treasure found in the sea!!

century BCE BCE but it was certain. “It is very touching to find such fragile objects, which have remained intact despite the violence and destruction,” said Godio, chairman of the IESM and director of the excavations. The total value of this treasure has not been estimated at this time.

Never lost treasure found in the sea!!

730 rupees in silver and a big crash in gold, prices fell so much today that buyers started dancing!

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In the eastern part of the temple discovered in the sea, archaeologists have also discovered a temple dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love. The institute said it shows that the Greeks had temples to their gods during the time of the pharaohs of the Saint Dynasty (664 – 525 BCE) who allowed the city to trade and settle.

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