Know the symptoms of prostate cancer in men

Prostate Cancer: Many symptoms are seen in the body when prostate cancer occurs in men. But when it comes to talking, men tend to ignore these symptoms considering it a small matter. It is very important to take precautions before and after prostate cancer. If you don’t take this into account, the problem will grow and you may end up in another big trouble. Prostate cancer is thus one of the common cancers that can affect men quickly. When you recognize the common symptoms of prostate cancer, you can get treatment early. So know about the symptoms of prostate cancer.

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Common symptoms of prostate cancer

Pain in the bones

Prostate cancer especially affects men with bone pain. Bone pain is ignored by most of the people. This pain can occur from time to time and is worse at night.

Feeling more tired

You need to be alert if you do less work and feel more tired. Prostate cancer makes a person feel more tired. Cancer cells can disrupt normal cell function in many ways. Due to this, you feel constantly tired and the body does not enjoy.

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Bowel changes

Prostate cancer causes many problems in the intestine. This can affect the rectum causing changes in bowel movements. This can cause constipation, change in color and shape of stool.

Swelling of the feet

Prostate cancer creates multiple disruptions in the lymphatic system that can cause fluid to build up in the legs. Due to this, the leg starts swelling.

Blood in semen

Prostate cancer can also occasionally cause blood in the semen. Along with this, there can be many other problems.

Difficulty urinating

You need to be alert when you have difficulty urinating and you consider this to be normal. Due to this, there are many problems like difficulty in urine flow, frequent urination.

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