Kiritbhai G. of Akila family. Sudden death of Ganatra and Ajitbhai Ganatra’s younger brother Rajubhai (Rajeshbhai Ganatra)

News of Thursday, 28th September 2023

Kiritbhai G. of Akila family. Sudden death of Ganatra and Ajitbhai Ganatra’s younger brother Rajubhai (Rajeshbhai Ganatra)

Jai Jalaram Rajukaka… Our Rajukaka went on a long journey

Rajkot Dt. 27: The time has come for the Akila Dainik family to bear another karmo trauma in a single year. Sureshbhai Gunavantraya Ganatra (Jalaram Jyot), Kiritbhai Gunavantraya Ganatra (Akila) and Ajitbhai Gunavantraya Ganatra (Akila) and Meenaben Harishbhai Chag, Bhartiben Lalitbhai Savjiyani, Bhavnaben Dipakbhai Nagrecha and Smitaben Sunilbhai Raichura’s Lagubandhu, Sw. Late of Veenaben Ajitbhai Ganatra and Nimishbhai Kiritbhai Ganatra and Kiranben Nimishbhai Ganatra, Dhanvi N. Ganatra and Mahi N. Ganatra’s younger uncle Rajukaka (Rajeshbhai) Gunavantaraya Ganatra has sadly passed away this afternoon due to a sudden severe heart attack.

Not long ago, Akila’s editor Ajitbhai G. Ganatra’s godmother Veenaben Sriji Charan Pamya has not forgotten her shock, it is time to bear this second shock. Praying for the eternal peace of Sriji Bava Rajubhai’s soul.

The life of Rajukaka, who was a devoted devotee of Pujya Jalaram Bapa, was always Jalabapamayy. He has brought food to thousands of hungry people in Marutivan number 5 and deposited them humbly. As a result of which our family always believes that Akila’s fame has spread all over the world.

Rajukaka’s health had been lukewarm for a long time but was on the mend for a week. He breathed his last this afternoon after suddenly suffering a severe heart attack.

The Chairman of Panchnath Hospital Mr. Dewangbhai Mankad, Trustee Mr. Mayurbhai Shah has received a lot of cooperation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Physician of Panchanath Hospital Dr. Gaurangbhai Patel brought Rajukaka to a very good condition after her condition became very serious. Gaurangbhai and the doctors and staff team of the hospital made a lot of efforts to save Rajukaka’s life. Rajukaka and Sahun became like a family. Dr. We are also very indebted to Gaurangbhai Patel, we are grateful.

Rajukaka… Jai Jalaram… You will always be remembered by all of us.

of Rajukaka, a younger brother of the Akila family

Tragic Death: Funeral procession at 8 p.m

Rajkot: Sureshbhai Ganatra, the editor of Jalaram Jyot, Mr. Kiritbhai Ganatra, Mobhi of Akila family and Ajitbhai Gunavantray, the younger brother of Akila’s editor and Mr. Nimishbhai K., the editor of Akila’s web edition. Ganatra’s younger uncle Rajubhai (Rajeshbhai) Gunavantaraya Ganatra (d. 65) died today. He died sadly on 27-9-2023. His funeral procession will take place today at 8.30 pm from Akila Office, Moti Tank, Rajkot to Mota Mawa Crematorium, Kalavad Road.

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