Killing mosquitoes here is a sin! Malaria spreads but people don’t let it kill, you will be surprised to know the reason

Killing any living being is considered a sin, but sometimes the circumstances become such that it has to be killed. Like mosquitoes… mosquitoes become a problem for everyone in summer. It causes dengue and malaria to spread and then threatens people’s lives. People keep cursing the municipality and the government that no arrangements have been made to kill mosquitoes. But did you know that there is one country in the world where killing mosquitoes is considered a sin. Even when officials come to spray medicine, people follow them. Start chasing them. A few months ago, malaria was rampant here, but people did not allow mosquitoes to be killed.

We are talking about Bhutan. Being a Buddhist country, killing any living being is considered a sin in Bhutan. Even if it is a disease causing organism. In such a situation, the officials who spray the drug to prevent malaria still face a lot of trouble.

When the government employees go to spray the medicine, people create an uproar. A few years ago the situation was such that homes were forcibly sprayed. People say that mosquito also has life and cannot be killed. However, now the situation is gradually changing. People are realizing that this is for their own good.

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Not a single mosquito is seen here

Now know about a country in the world where there is not a single mosquito. Yes, not a single mosquito. The name of this country is Iceland, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Not only mosquitoes, snakes and other stray creatures are also not seen here. A few species of spiders are found, but they are not that dangerous to humans. Another place where mosquitoes are not found is Antarctica. Because it is so cold in Antarctica, there are no mosquitoes. Iceland also experiences very low temperatures, which can reach -38 degrees Celsius.

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