‘Khalistani’ threat on Cricket World Cup! Pannu’s threat

► After reports of emptiness on the streets of Delhi, now there is a hint of targeting Parliament House as well

► Holds Modi government responsible for Nijjar’s murder: Insults Trudeau too: Warns to close embassy in Ottawa

New Delhi: In the ever-increasing diplomatic tension between India and Canada over Khalistani terrorists, there is a possibility that the Khalistani terrorists will target the Cricket World Cup to be played in India from next month. Canada-based Khalistani terrorist Gurupatwantsinh Pannu is believed to have threatened that the Cricket World Cup will become a terror World Cup.

Recently, it was also reported that some subways and underbridges in Delhi have been written in support of empty spaces and the Sikh Organization for Justice and its leader Pannu, based in Canada, have sent some terrorists to Delhi and there are fears that there will be an attempt to target the new parliament building. At that time, the opening match of the World Cup cannot be played at the Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 5.

► Canada-based Sikhs for Justice Gurupatwantsingh reports warning from recorded phone call from untraceable IP: No more Cricket World Cup: ‘World Terror Cup’ will be played

Many people believed that Pannu had given such a threat that many people received a phone call from Britain from the number +44 7418 343648 in which a terrorist message was also given in which Pannu said that after the killing of Shaheed Nijjar we are going to use ballots against your bullets. We are and will use our vote against your violence. Referring to the Cricket World Cup played in India, he said that this will be the ‘World Terror Cup’. Besides shutting down the Indian mission in Ottawa, Pannu said that India and Modi have insulted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

His advice is to close the embassy there. This advice is from Canadian and Sikh for Justice Gurupatwant Singh. This threat was given to a journalist named Aditya Raj Kaul. However, he posted on AX that he was unable to record the call, adding that Indian agencies would investigate. He also tagged the post NIA- Uttar Pradesh Police, Delhi Police Amit Shah and S. Jaishankar.

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