It is possible that past or future events will be revealed in the present tense

– Gochar-Agochar-Devesh Mehta

– Einstein’s theory of relativity also reveals the possibility of orbiting the past. If this is possible, the traveler can meet his younger or childhood self during time travel. Can also see the world of the future

A few years ago, time travel was just a concept or an idea, but physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and physicist John Wheeler’s theory of wormholes have made this a possible reality in the future of the world of science. The wormhole theory of physics suggests the possibility that if it were possible to enter this tunnel that connects the two universes, it is possible that we would exit somewhere in the very distant past. Einstein’s theory of relativity in a rotating universe also reveals the possibility of rotation in the past. If this is possible, the traveler may meet his younger or child self during time travel. In this way he can also see the future world. American Astronomer Isaac Asimov in his book ‘The Dead Past’ shows that in the future, the details of time, i.e. the past, and anagat, i.e. the future, will be able to go.

An experiment was conducted by the United States Air Force in August 1958. A special type of infrared camera was used by the aircraft to photograph a place where a motor car was parked. At the time when the photo was taken, all the cars had left the place. That plot was completely empty. But the surprising thing was that when the scientists saw the photo, all the motor cars were visible in that place. This means that the specially designed infra camera captured the scene from a few hours ago. At that time, a car owner was smoking a cigarette. His cigarette smoke was also embedded in it. New Age English author Murry Hope in his book ‘Time: The Ultimate Energy’ says that consciousness is a very subtle element, so it is able to cross the barrier of time and enter any time domain. For this reason, a human sometimes sees the scenes of the past and sometimes the scenes of the future in the present.

Is. In October 1979, Len Gisby, his wife Sainnia, their friend Simpson and his wife Pauline were traveling to Spain. The route he chose was going to Spain via France. Meanwhile, one day two gardeners came to a house made of red stones while looking for a hotel to stay for the night. That building seemed to be a hotel. When the four of them went inside, they found the arrangement somewhat strange. Its rooms, furniture, staff’s attire seemed to be centuries old. It looked like there were houses and people dressed like in France 200 years ago. They dined there and rented two rooms and stayed there for the night. Also had a very delicious breakfast in the morning. When it was time to leave, I asked for the bill for the accommodation and meals. Seeing the amount of the bill, his surprise could not be overcome. All in all, the amount collected by the two families was only 29 francs i.e. 2 pounds. After reading this, he realized that the employee who made the bill must have made a mistake in writing. How can such a small amount be? He asked the accountant to calculate the exact amount and tell him the amount. He said counting again. No mistake. The amount is correct. He paid 29 francs and left the place with a price of surprise as if he could not believe it.

On his way back from Spain, he decided to spend the night at Montella Bar, a two-story old-style hotel near Ibis Hotel. When they reached there, there was no such hotel! Walked around and asked people but could not find her anywhere. Not only that, everyone said that there is no such hotel. Four years after this incident, Len Gisby and the Simpson couple left for Spain again through France. He tried hard to find the old fashioned hotel near Montella Bar and Ibis Hotel but could not find it. Local residents said that there is no such hotel here. Len Gisby and Simpson told People that it was a fact that they stayed at this hotel four years ago. He also showed a bill of 29 francs from that time as his proof. Finally, when he checked the reference several centuries back, he found out that there was such a building here in the eighteenth century and the hotel was running in it. At that time he realized that somehow he had reached an ancient branch of the past. And at that time they stayed in the place where this hotel was. As a time period of the eighteenth century was suddenly opened, the place and the people of that time were revealed.

Real Air Force Commander Victor Goddard (Victor Goddard) who served from England during both World Wars, also had such an incident in his life. The year was 1935 and Victor Goddard was the wing commander. One day he is sent on a mission to investigate a disused Scottish airfield in the abandoned village of Drem. When he reached the airfield, he found that it was in a very bad condition. After receiving his information, while Goddard was flying the biplane back, a heavy storm started to fall. He decided to go back to Drem.

Arriving at the airport like Victor, the situation suddenly took an unexpected change. Not only did the stormy rain stop in an instant, there was bright sunshine. He looked down in utter amazement to see the closed, dilapidated Dream Airport he had seen minutes before, surveyed, looking brand new. It had been completely renovated and was fully functional and buzzing. There were planes painted bright yellow. The employees were working in brown dress.

Royal Air Force planes are painted in silver color. Seeing all this strange, Victor turned the plane back in panic and then told his staff about it. Four years after this incident, in 1939, what Victor saw happened. WWIL RAF DREAM renovated. It was equipped with modern facilities. The aircraft was painted bright yellow. The dress of the employees was also made brown. From this everyone realized that Victor Goddard had traveled four years ahead of time. The dimension of the future after four years was revealed before him. He had seen the scenes of what was to happen then.

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