Israel Hamas War: We are not going to break, root out Hamas; Netanyahu warned the terrorist organization

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. Thousands of lives have been lost in this fierce war between the two sides. On October 7, Hamas fired 5,000 rockets on Israel’s holy holiday. After which Israel has decided to eliminate Hamas in retaliation. As soon as the war started, Netanyahu said that even though he started the war, we will end it.

At the weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu and all ministers paid tribute to those killed in the deadly attack by Hamas. During the meeting, Netanyahu said that Israel will continue its countermeasures against Hamas. On Sunday, he said – Hamas thought that Israel would collapse. But we will destroy Hamas. At the same time, while talking about the war in the meeting, he said that Israel works in unity. Clearly this sends a clear message to the world and to Hamas. Together we are working 24 hours a day but we are determined that we will destroy Hamas completely.

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Netanyahu said – Hamas killed our family members
Prime Minister Netanyahu and ministers paid a silent tribute to the Israeli people killed in the war. Meanwhile, Netanyahu said – our brothers and sisters were brutally killed. Netanyahu said that this was the first meeting of the emergency war government and five members of the National Unity Party, Benny Getz, Gardi Isenkot, Chile Troper, Gidon Saar and Yifat Sasha were present. He also emphasized that the entire country is with the soldiers fighting for Israel. He said- I saw our wonderful warriors who are in the front row. They know that the whole country is with them.

Also, according to the Israel Defense Forces, another military post on the Lebanon border was attacked with an anti-tank guided missile this morning. The IDF said on its social media that 9 rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory. However the IDF aerial defense array intercepted 5 rockets as per protocol. It said the IDF is currently conducting attacks on launch sites in Lebanon.

The Israeli defense minister firmly said – we will end terrorism
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant asserted that the war against the Palestinian terrorist group in the Gaza Strip would be more deadly and would change the situation in southern Israel. Gallant told a press conference from a military base near the border with the Gaza Strip that the Israeli army will destroy the Hamas organization because it is a culture that does not accept our existence here. It will be a mighty war, it will be a deadly war, it will be a precise war and it will be a war that will change the status quo forever. Defense Minister Gallant said about 150-200 hostages are being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to the report of the Jerusalem Post – 1300 people have died in the war so far and more than 3600 people have been injured.

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