India’s one-sided victory over Pakistan was celebrated with fireworks everywhere

Updated: Oct 14th, 2023

Vadodara: India’s one-sided victory in the World Cup match between India and Pakistan today made cricket fans happy. People burst crackers to celebrate India’s grand victory.

Due to the high voltage match between India and Pakistan today, the fans of the city also got cricket fever. People watched the match by placing big screens everywhere in the city today. The impact of the World Cup match was also seen to some extent on the daily life of the people.

Big screens were put up everywhere including Kamati Bagh in Vadodara today to watch the excitement of the match between India and Pakistan. Many cricket fans gathered together to watch the match and also organized food and drink programs. Many people from Vadodara also went to Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to watch the match. .

Because of the match, in the afternoon and especially in the evening during India’s batting, most of the people were arranged in front of the TV at home, in shops, in offices or wherever they got a chance.

However, as Pakistan was bowled out for 191 runs, the expectation of cricket fans that India would easily chase down this target came true and India achieved this target by losing only 3 wickets. India defeated Pakistan for the eighth time in a row in the World Cup and its happiness was on the faces of the people. could be seen.

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