India’s Big Leap in Internet Speed: 47th in the World

News of Wednesday, 4th October 2023

India’s Big Leap in Internet Speed: 47th in the World

Last year the speed was 13.87 MBPS in September-RAR, which increased to 50.1 MBPS in August-R3 : India beats neighboring countries and 6 countries of G-20: 7th place comes ahead

New delhi date. 4: India 5G Launched services have left behind developed countries like Britain and Japan in mobile download speed.

According to broadband and mobile internet network speed information company Okla, India has moved from 119th position to 47th position in the speed test global index. India has jumped to the 7th step. 5G India has seen a 3.59 times increase in mobile speed since its launch.

The average download speed in India was 13.87 Mbps in September-R, which increased to 50.1 Mbps in August-R3. Apart from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, India has also surpassed G-20 countries like Mexico, Turkey, Britain, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

The top ten countries with the highest internet speed are UAE-R10.89, Qatar-19R.71, Kuwait-1R3.86, Norway-134.4P, Denmark-1R4, China-R1R.89, D. Korea-1r0.08, Macau 11r.33, Iceland-110.0r and Netherlands-107.4r have Mbps.

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