India suspends visa service to Canada amid tension over Khalistan High Commissions and Consulates in Canada are facing threats, forcing visa service to be suspended

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External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

Amid the Canada issue, the Ministry of External Affairs held a press conference on Thursday. During this he answered every question from suspended visa services in Canada. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that there is some degree of bias in the case. The Government of Canada has made allegations and acted. We feel that these allegations by the Government of Canada are primarily ‘politically motivated’.

The Ministry of External Affairs held a press conference on the Canada issue. During this he answered every question from visa services. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that ‘there is some degree of bias in this case. We think the allegations are primarily politically motivated.’ On India-Canada diplomatic dispute, Bagchi said that ‘We have more diplomats than Canada. We are very few in number in this regard. More Canadian Embassy personnel will be added in the coming days.’ We have provided evidence linked to Khalistan to Canada on several occasions, but no necessary action has been taken.

Arindam Bagchi further said that ‘It is true that during the G-20, Trudeau raised the issue of the killing of Niger before Modi. But PM Modi completely rejected it.’

Canada a safe haven for extremists
External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday that Canada provided “safe haven” to Khalistan separatists, while Pakistan provided them with funds. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said this in a press conference today.

More Canadian diplomats will return
He also said that the decision regarding visa services will not affect our citizens. A large number of Canadian diplomats are in India, while Canada does not have as many Indian diplomats. In such a situation, more Canadian diplomats will return, so that this number can be equalized.

Allegations politically motivated: Bagchi
External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi also said that he has not provided any evidence for the allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In contrast to all this, India has deposited several written documents with Canada. However, no action is taken against the Khalistanis taking refuge there. Trudeau’s statement is politically motivated.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi held a press conference today.

No specific information received from Canada
On the India-Canada dispute, Bagchi said that we are ready to look at any concrete information provided, but we have not received any concrete information from Canada so far. On our part, certain evidences related to criminal activities by some people living in Canada have been shared with Canada, but proper action has not been taken against them.

This was said on increasing security at the Indian Consulate
Responding to a question about increasing security at the Indian consulate in Canada, Arindam Bagchi said that we believe it is the government’s responsibility to provide security. In some places we also have our own security system, but it is not appropriate not to discuss it in public. This is not a fair position.

Ministry of External Affairs’ clear stand on suspension of visa services
Tensions are rising between India and Canada over the killing of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In view of this, Visa Application Center of India in Canada has suspended visa services. Amid this controversy, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has clarified its position. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that the High Commission and Consulate in Canada are concerned about security. As they are facing threats, which are affecting their normal operations, the High Commission and Consulate visas are temporarily unable to provide visa applications. It will continue to be reviewed.’

India suspends visa service for Canadian citizens
India-Canada relations are getting strained day by day. As the tension between the two countries escalates over the Khalistan issue, the Indian government has taken a major decision today and the Ministry of External Affairs has suspended the visa service for Canadian citizens.

India has suspended visa services for Canadian citizens indefinitely amid rising tensions between the two countries. This is the first time that India has suspended visas after Kovid-19.

According to media reports, no formal announcement has been made regarding the suspension of visa services, while BLS International, which operates visa application centers in Canada, posted a message in this regard on its Canadian website, saying ‘Important Notice from Indian Mission: 21st September 2023 [ગુરુવાર]Indian visa services have been suspended till further notice.’

Media reports claimed that an Indian official confirmed the suspension of visa services, but declined to comment further.

This picture is from the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. (file)

Millions of Gujarati students study in Canada

After strained relations between India and Canada, concern has arisen among Gujarati students and their parents. According to an estimate, every year around 40 thousand Gujaratis from Gujarat go to different cities and universities in Canada. In the year 2023, as many as 9 lakh students get admission in different institutions of Canada, out of which 1 lakh 85 thousand or approximately 20 percent students are from India only. Among the students going to study in Canada, the largest number are from Punjab, followed by students from Haryana and third from Gujarat. Parents of Gujarati students who have gone to Canada to study are worried about what will happen now, although students living there say that there is no tension here, everything is normal. Government of India advised the students and Indian people living in Canada to be careful, but the Government of Canada responded by saying, there is no problem in coming to Canada. Everything is safe. Amidst all this, parents living in Canada are naturally worried, but the students do not seem to mind the current diplomatic dispute.

The message was posted on the BLS website

Tensions are rising between India and Canada. Indian visa services in Canada have been suspended amid a heated diplomatic row. In fact, the tension between the two countries escalated when Canadian PM Justin Trudeau accused India of killing Khalistan supporter Hardeep Singh Nijjar, which India completely denied.

Message written in India Visa Application Center, Canada website.

BLS International – an online visa application centre, which handles applications from India and other countries, posted this message in a notification on its website: “Due to operational reasons, Indian visa services have been suspended from September 21, 2023 till further notice.” “Please keep watching the BLS website for further updates.”

The decision comes amid an escalating diplomatic row between the two countries over the killing of a Khalistan separatist leader in Canada. PM Modi, Justin Trudeau, alleged the ‘possible’ involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Khalistan separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June, sparking a diplomatic row between Canada and India.

Hindu organization writes to Trudeau government over Pannu threat in Canada
On the other hand, Khalistan terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu on Wednesday threatened Hindus living in Canada to leave the country. Canadian Hindus have written a letter to the Justin Trudeau government regarding this. The letter expressed concern over Pannu’s statements and appealed to declare it a hate crime.

Canadian Hindu organization ‘Hindu Forum Canada’ has written this letter to Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc. The Hindu organization said in its letter – Pannu has clearly expressed his views and those of his Khalistani colleagues. They want to target people who don’t agree with their ideology. The Government of Canada should take this matter seriously.

The letter also asked whether Pannu’s statement would still be taken as freedom of expression.

India announced the advisory on Wednesday

Regarding the growing anti-Indian activities in Canada, the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India has issued an advisory saying that Indians living in Canada and students should be alert, as hate crimes may increase against Indians living there, so Indians living in Canada should be extremely careful.

Amid strained relations between Canada and India, diplomats from both countries have been ordered to leave the country, as Khalistan activities are being nurtured in Canada and anti-India movements are underway. Meanwhile, Canada has accused India of killing a Sikh leader, and the bitterness between the two countries has increased. Millions of Indians live in Canada and students also study there.

Canada has now become an education hub for Indians. Meanwhile, as the relationship between the two countries worsens, the perplexing question of what will happen to the Indians living there and the students studying there is revolving. Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has issued an advisory for Indian students and citizens of India living in Canada that anti-India activities are increasing in Canada. So students and citizens living there should be cautious and alert. Hate crimes against Indians are also on the rise in Canada, so vigilance becomes necessary.

India has issued an advisory for its citizens

  • Following the advisory issued by Canada on Tuesday, India’s Ministry of External Affairs also issued an advisory for its citizens residing in Canada. Said- In view of the ongoing anti-India activities in Canada, citizens living there or traveling there have been advised to be very cautious. In recent days it has been observed that Indian diplomats present in Canada and certain sections of the Indian community are being threatened. These are the people who oppose the anti-India agenda.
  • Advisory – In view of this situation we advise our citizens to avoid going to areas where anti-India activities are taking place. Our High Commission and Consulate General are in touch with the Canadian authorities to ensure the safety of the Indian community. In view of the worsening security situation in Canada, Indian students present there have been advised to be extra cautious. The Indian community and students can file complaints on the High Commission and Consulate websites.

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