In the last week of September, these 4 zodiac signs will benefit, know the status of your zodiac signs

Weekly Rashifal: The last week of September is about to begin. The new week will be from 25th September to 1st October. This coming new week is going to start with Pitru Paksha and Anant Chaturthi, due to which this week is going to be very special. According to astrology, this week is auspicious for Cancer, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius people. With the beginning of a new week, some zodiac signs may gain and some may suffer. Let’s find out how the new week will be for your zodiac sign.



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1. Aries- This week will be very auspicious for Aries natives. Discipline and restraint will bring success. Take advantage of the opportunities at this time. Interest in entertainment will increase. Pay more attention to new business. There will be faith in religion. Don’t ignore health signs. Be careful while traveling.

2. Taurus- All goals will be achieved in the new week due to hard work and coordination. Ideas to complete important tasks will come. The start of the week can be impressive. Complete the necessary tasks first. The opposition will remain silent. Be aware health.

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3. Gemini- This week will be helpful for exams and competitions. You will get success through hard work and dedication. Love and trust will increase in married life. The beginning will be easy. There will be benefits in job and business.

4. Cancer:- This week will be good for you. There will be happiness in your mind. Everyone will want to give love. Family atmosphere will be peaceful. Some of your pending work may be completed. Seeing your hard work in the job can increase your income.

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5. Leo:- There will be some expenses but the income will also be good, due to which you will not face any problem. Courage and prowess will increase. Focus on the routine. Friends will get support. There may be benefits in business matters. Act with professionalism.

6. Virgo:- This week will prove to be beneficial for you. Investment in property will benefit you and improve your financial condition. Job situation will be favorable. Your seniors will be supportive of you, which will help you perform better. Students will get good results.

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7. Libra- This week will bring some expenses for you. The atmosphere of the house will be positive. There will be peace and happiness in the house. You will get blessings from your parents. There will be some fluctuations in health. Increase in income will be evident, due to which financial condition will improve and all work will be completed.

8. Scorpio:- The creativity and activism that comes with this will be the best. Join in the festivities. Meeting with close people will increase. The desired result can be achieved. You will benefit from your speech and behavior. New opportunities will come in job and business.

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9. Sagittarius- You may get a big position in your hands, means your position and prestige will increase. Income will increase. You can make good contacts from abroad also in relation to work. This time is good for employed people. Make the most of the time.

10. Capricorn – This week will give you an opportunity to move forward. Income will increase and you will get a chance to overcome big challenges. Mental stress will be reduced. You will get success in business, take care of your health.

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11. Aquarius- This week may give you some trouble in the beginning and your finished work may come to a standstill. This time may be a little weak for employed people. Misunderstandings may increase in married life. You have to take care of your health.

12. Pisces- This week brings the force of fortune and is the best. Proceed with humility and understanding. Everyone will get support. Will be effective in operation. Carry out responsibilities well. Try to complete important tasks quickly. Avoid negligence towards health.

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