In Sankheda, father and son were caught selling liquor near their house In Sankheda, father and son were caught selling liquor near their house

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  • Raid of state monitoring cell on liquor den in Fanta colony

The State Monitoring Cell received information that Kamsing Kalsing Bhil, a resident of Phanta Colony, was keeping a quantity of foreign liquor in an open space behind his house after ordering it for sale and his son Anil Bhil was looking after the foreign liquor. On the basis of this information, the state monitoring cell raided and caught Bhil from the spot. 54840 rupees cash from the sale of liquor bottles was found in his pocket during his search.

A scooter used for smuggling liquor was also found. In police interrogation, Kamsingh said that his son Anil retails liquor behind the house. He takes money from customers himself and sends back to buy alcohol. Liquor business is done by wife Saidaben together. But the wife was not present at home. When Mukesh of Naswadi called Bhil while the quantity of liquor was being brewed, he used to give it on the bike.

During the raid, police recovered 217 bottles of liquor worth Rs.29600, 20 liters of country liquor worth Rs.400, bike worth Rs.30000, icebox worth Rs.500, mobile phone number 2 worth Rs.10000, cash worth Rs.56350, totaling Rs.1,26,350. Money in question was seized. The police arrested the father and son. Sankheda police station filed a complaint against the remaining two, Saidaben Bhil and Mukesh Bhil, who supplied the liquor.

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