In Kali Yuga, even a mother can earn money, even if she gives her own son’s betel nut, the kingdom is opened

A very disturbing incident has come to light from Malappuram in Kerala. Where some goons attacked a woman. The reason for the attack is being shown to be money transaction, but when the police investigate the incident, a very shocking story has come to light. The same attackers were assigned the task of setting fire to his son’s bike 2 months ago, but after not getting money, the goons attacked the woman after 2 months.

The incident took place in Melattur in Malappuram. The incident of attack on the woman here took place on September 17. According to the police, miscreants attacked and ransacked the woman’s house. A 48-year-old woman named Nafeesa was upset with her son about something. There was a rift between the mother and son, upon which the mother asked the son to return the bike he had bought for her, but when her son refused to return the bike, she decided to burn the bike.

He made a plan and decided to burn his son’s bike. The goons were lured with money to carry out the work, but the accused and the women first argued over the payment and then got into a scuffle. Meanwhile, the miscreants attacked the woman and ransacked her house. In this matter, along with the woman, the attackers have also been made accused. According to the police, 3 accused have been arrested in this matter. Further legal action has been taken.

In August, a father in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut killed his 27-year-old only son after giving him a betel nut of Rs 5 lakh. First he made the son drink alcohol together with the killer, then the betel nut killer strangled him with a stick. Both then threw the body into the Hindan river. So that no one would suspect, the father had posted the number plate of the mobile, bike, bike at different places.

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