Hybrid dogs with wolf and fox traits

Let’s take a look at such a hybrid dog…

Wolf-dog, Fox-dog, Jackal-dog

Wolf-dog, Fox-dog, Jackal-dog

The strangest hybrid dog in the world Brazil, including wolfdogs and coydogs, but hybrids have a mixture of traits from both domestic and wild animals. A hybrid of Fox and Dog, known as ‘Dogzim’, was recently discovered in Brazil. Let’s take a look at such a hybrid dog…


There is not much difference in physical characteristics between wolf and dog. They can mate. A separate license is required to keep such first-generation wolfdogs in the UK. Such hybrid dogs are often created from a combination of a wolf and a German shepherd dog or a husky. Such a wolfdog needs a lot of space to run. Also, it needs more exercise and attention than a domestic dog. He cannot be left alone at home. Like their ancestors, wolfdogs make a lot of noise. A dog is less likely to believe its owner. Not only this, they are also very aggressive. Only experienced handlers and people with no family are advised to own a wolfdog.


Two days ago it was clarified that the fox-dog was found in Brazil. Even vets couldn’t tell if it was a female dog or a fox after it was hit by a car two years ago. After several genetic tests, it was discovered that she was born from a mix of a dog and a fox. His mother was a fox and his father was a pet dog. The cub has now died, but experts say there could be many such dogzims. He moved like a fox and ate mice and barked like a dog, not only that, but also played with toys.


The Shalyka dog was created by Russian biologist Klim Sulimov using a hybrid of jackal and reindeer husky dogs, which share the characteristics of both species. More than 50 pups of this hybrid breed have been deployed since 2019 to detect bombs in Moscow for this dog for a Russian airline. Detecting explosives is the main duty of Shalikas. It has proven to be more reliable than any other type of instrument due to its sense of smell. They have more in common with wolves.

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