Hundreds of men and women were burned alive in the square of Nanking.

– Continuation of atrocities in Nanking by Japanese soldiers in World War II

– Synopsis d. Bhatt

– Part-6

– Japanese soldiers openly harassing Chinese girls on city streets

– The Japanese turned tanks on hundreds of Chinese civilians and crushed them alive

After hundreds of Chinese were half-buried in this way, the Japanese soldiers beheaded some with sharp swords and brutally killed the rest by running horses or rolling tanks over them. He made rivers of blood flow all over Nanking.

In this old Chinese capital, dead bodies were piled up everywhere you looked, on the streets, on the roads and in the square area of ​​the city.

Someone’s head was separated from the body. So someone’s hands and feet were cut off. Small children were seen scattered here and there in pieces.

The chilling evidence of the extent to which a man can become a monster was found in Nanking, yet the pages of history have not taken half as much notice of the atrocities committed by the Japanese army in Nanking as German dictator Hitler’s atrocities on the Jews.

The appalling fact is that in the short period of only six weeks, the Japanese soldiers in Nanking killed two and a half to three hundred thousand Chinese soldiers, civilians including women, men and children, by firing, or by sword, or by the hundreds flowing through the city of Nanking. The Yangtze carried out brutal murders by drowning in the river. Tanks turned on thousands of Chinese and crushed them alive.

Just as the sinners took their lives on the cross by nailing the chest of Lord Jesus Christ, the Japanese soldiers killed hundreds of Chinese by standing up against the walls of their wooden houses and nailing them on their chests.

To kill innocent Chinese men and women, the Japanese were inventing new and unimaginable evils.

A Japanese soldier used to burn people alive.

In the Shiak Wan area of ​​Nanking, a Japanese soldier tied ten Chinese together with a rope and pushed them into a large pit near me, then poured gasoline on the ten Chinese tied together and set them on fire.

Japanese soldiers ordered a large number of Chinese to move to the second floor of a building on Nanking’s Baiping Road. As soon as the Chinese reached the top, the Japanese broke down the wooden staircase of the building and then the miscreants set the building on fire. Many Chinese were burnt in the fire, some fell down in panic and died of serious injuries.

Nanking’s worst incident happened in the city square. After the Japanese intimidated/threatened hundreds of men, women and children into standing in the square, hundreds of Chinese citizens burst into flames in the city square, dousing them with gasoline and throwing burning candles at them.

After burning the people of the enemy country China alive, the Japanese also tried the idea of ​​freezing the Chinese prisoners of war to death by keeping them standing in the icy cold.

Hundreds of prisoners of war were taken by the Japanese to the shores of a lake in the city, which had become frozen due to extreme cold. He forced the Chinese to strip off all their clothes and become naked on the banks of the lake.

The Chinese without any clothes on their bodies were shivering in the cold. The Japanese ordered them to break the top layer of ice on the lake. After that, each Chinna was drowned in the icy water of the Mari lake with the butt of a gun…

Thousands of Chinese were killed by Japanese army soldiers in various brutal ways, along with this, Japanese soldiers made Chinese girls, women and old people of 65-70 years of age a victim of their desire.

One of the most heinous cases of mass rape recorded in world history took place in Nanking.

It is impossible to know exactly how many women were raped in Nanking. But according to the available statistics, at least 20,000 to as many as 80,000 Chinese women/girls were brutally raped by Japanese soldiers.

Just as the Japanese implemented different methods to kill the Chinese, the Japanese soldiers tried different methods to oppress the Chinese women.

The Japanese soldiers had crossed all limits of degradation in their oppression of women and had sunk to the lowest level.

The Japanese did not spare farmers’ wives, school-college students, teachers, laboring women, even Buddhist nuns.

Some young nuns bled to death due to brutal gang rape by the Japanese…!

Some Japanese soldiers in Nanking even crossed the border. They used to break into Chinese houses and turn the whole house upside down to find beautiful Chinese girls.

Going into the house, they used to frighten the whole family with a rifle and demanded the young girls of the house. Chinese women were raped anywhere and at any time.

He had no shame in committing such crimes in the middle of the traffic of people on the streets of Nanking on a clear day.

Even in sacred religious places, the Japanese used to strip girls naked without any care. Even going to churches, Bible schools and nunneries, the Japanese committed rape shamelessly. In the compound of a religious school, 17 Japanese soldiers stripped a Chinese woman and sexually assaulted her.


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