Home Remedies Can Relieve Headaches: May be due to gas or acidity

News of Friday, 22nd September 2023

Home Remedies Can Relieve Headaches: May be due to gas or acidity

Tulsi leaves, ginger water, curd, sanchal, lemon water can be consumed

New Delhi: There is hardly anyone who has not experienced gas and headaches. Some people face these problems repeatedly. Gas can also cause headaches. Due to this problem, there is also a disturbance in doing daily work. A headache caused by increased gas in the stomach becomes unbearable. Due to this sometimes sour belching and nausea is also felt.

What is a gastric headache?

Gastric headache is a painful problem. When there is a problem related to digestion, gas starts forming in the stomach which also affects the brain. Carbon dioxide produced in the stomach causes headaches. This problem is caused by consuming things that cause digestive problems. Stomach gas is the main cause of problems like headache or acidity. When gas builds up in the stomach, it also affects the brain, causing lightheadedness.

Gastric headache symptoms

– Severe headache

– Head feels heavy

– Insomnia

– Stomach pain

– Nausea

– Vomiting

Home Remedies for Gastric Headaches

– To cure gas headache, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and lemon juice. It relieves both gas and headache.

– Consuming yogurt can get rid of stomach problems. You can also get relief from gas by drinking buttermilk.- If you chew basil leaves and eat them, you will also get relief from headache.

– Drinking ginger water relieves gas and headaches and improves digestion.

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