Guru Vakri: 3 months of 2023 name these zodiac signs, Gurudev will shower grace

When a planet is retrograde or retrograde, it affects all the zodiac signs. On September 4, Jupiter has moved into Aries. Gurudev will be in Aries until December 31. Jupiter is the lord of wealth and Pisces. Being in Aries, it will have auspicious effects on some zodiac signs. So let’s find out what these zodiac signs are.


Jupiter is retrograde in Aries. They will be most effective in this zodiac. During this period, Jupiter can make Aries natives rich. There is a possibility of progress in job-business. Time is favorable if you have an investment plan. You will be able to perform family responsibilities well.

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As soon as Jupiter turns, a beneficial time has started for the Libra natives. These three months from October to December are nothing less than a blessing. During this period, wealth can be gained from all sides. There is also a possibility of travel. You will also get the desired result.

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Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Jupiter can increase the scope of financial resources of this zodiac sign. There will be happiness in married life. You will enjoy meeting an old friend. The pathways to success for young people are strong. Foreign travel plans may come true.

(Note: This given information is based on astrological calculations, News18 does not confirm the approximate facts given here. Consult the concerned experts before complying.)

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