Gujarati Video: Children’s health compromised in Vadli village school of Amreli, caterpillars came out of mid-day meal cereal – Gujarati News | Amreli Childrens health compromised in Vadli village school of Amreli caterpillars came out of mid day meal – Amreli Childrens health compromised in Vadli village school of Amreli caterpillars came out of mid day meal

Amreli: A school in Vadli village of Amreli has found moths in the mid-day meal cereal. Grains are also found to be rotten. In order to reduce the rate of malnutrition in children, the midday meal scheme is implemented to ensure that children get nutritious meals at school, but how will children get nutrition if rotten food is consumed in this midday meal?

Amreli: On the one hand, a healthy Gujarat is claimed to be a well-nourished Gujarat. Mid-day meals are provided in schools to ensure that children get proper nutrition, but if the grains used in this meal are not suitable, where does the nutrition come from? AmreliSomething similar has also been seen in Jafarabad. A crawling caterpillar was found in the cereal taken for mid-day meal. The grain is also quite rotten. This rotten grain was to be used for mid-day meal in a school in Vadli village.

However, the local leaders came running as soon as they learned that the grain was rotten. The Taluka Panchayat member also reached the school and found that the grains were rotten and had worms. It has been instructed not to give this cereal to children. It has also been appealed not to give food grains that compromise the health of children.

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However, the biggest question is whether children’s food is prepared from such rotten grains when mid-day meals are served in schools with the aim of providing nutritious food to children. Won’t children get sick from eating food made from such rotten grains? This was known earlier at the right time, but if it was not known, then the same grain was to be served to the children? Who gave the license to play games with children’s health?

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