Good EBIDTA margins this quarter, hope to write off debt by end of this year: APL Apollo Tubes

APL Apollo TubesNo Director and Group CFO, Deepak GoyalIt is said that the demand has been good in the month of September. Demand has been good in construction sector, infra sector, housing sector. Looking at the current environment, it seems that the demand will be good. As per discussion with the promoter, there is no plan to sell any equity at present. Working within 25-30 CAGR guidance for the next 3 years.

Deepak Goyal further said that in the Raipur plant we will be working with 65-70 percent utilization till the end of this year. We do not hold higher inventory. We keep 30-35 days of inventory. Movements in inventory prices do not affect margins. Raw material prices and trends are stable in this quarter. A good EBIDTA margin is expected in this quarter. Good demand has also been good in this quarter.

According to Deepak Goyal, promoter Rahul Gupta has sold 15 lakh shares at a price of Rs 1,621 per share. Volume growth of 30 percent with double-digit margins. Targeting EBITDA/tonne of over Rs 5,000 in FY 2024 and over Rs 6,000 in FY 2025. The contribution of value-added steel will increase to 75 percent in 2 years.

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