GMC’s offline road tax adds to dealers’ woes GMC’s offline road tax adds to dealers’ woes

Gandhinagar2 hours ago

Even in the age of digital India, due to offline tax collection by Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, complaints of not working on time even after wasting time of tax payers and standing in line have come to the fore.

As all the process of vehicle number registration is allotted to the dealers, the dealers are facing difficulty in paying the road tax during this operation. As the road tax is paid by GMC only through offline demand draft, the dealers have to pay the road tax challan and take delivery of the vehicle, thereby wasting time. Dealers demand that the municipality accepts this type of tax online so that the vehicle can be delivered within the time limit.

Nareshbhai Kordia on behalf of Dealer Association said that most of the operations of RTO are going online. But the road tax to be paid at GMC and other district municipalities has to be paid only through demand draft. So this entire process takes more than 2 days. We have discussed this matter with the RTO system and made a presentation. Road tax ranging from 2% to 7.5% depending on the car is payable to the municipality. But delivery is difficult as this process is offline.

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