Ganeshotsav 2023 : There is a need for control over vested power

This is explained by the control in Gajanan’s hands.

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Gajanan : The Leader Lesson

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If you look, you will see Parshu in Ganapati’s hand and Ankush will also be seen. As for Ankush, nothing is fundamentally known, but the Puranas mention it and say that Ankush has been with Ganapati since the beheading of Airavata.

After Mushak and broken teeth, now comes the control in Gajanan’s hands. This control is usually wielded by the mahout who controls the Airawat. If you look at the edge of the curb, you’ll see how sharp it is, which is why. There can be no other weapon like Ankush to steer the oily-skinned Airawat in the right direction and convince him to follow orders. Looking at the majesty of Airavat, it can be understood that if it is not affected by any kind of whip, even a rein cannot be imposed on Airavat, on the basis of which it remains under control. For your information, the bridle belongs to the animal whose trachea is in the middle and at the top of the neck, whereas the Airawat’s trachea is at the back of the neck so the bridle does not put pressure on it. If the question arises in the mind as to how the control works, then the approximation of biology is also to explain that since the part of his brain is at the level above the skull, the impact of the control is immediate and intense. This is why control proves to be most useful in controlling uncontrollable or unexpected irritation.

How did the control come? | Nowhere is there anything definite about when Ganapati has been in control and what event or event has become important, but the 81,000-verse Skanda Purana says that he had control from the time when the head of Airavat was given to Gajanan. has been seen. It is said that the Mahawat of Airavat, whose head was taken off, left the reins with his beheaded Airavat, which Ganapatiji always retained.

With this control Ganapati defeated many demons and with this control Ganapati also won the war against a ruler named Veerachanda. In Ganapati’s hand, along with Ankush, Parshu means an axe, but before that axe, Ankush was in His hand.

A hand control, a symbol

Control is important in everything. Whether it is freedom or the success of power. If there is unbridled freedom, it becomes sanctity and if there is unbridled success, it leads one towards degradation. Ankush says to have desires, to have ambitions, but to have both only when you know your limits. A fish can never fly and a cockroach can never swim. If a fish stops swimming and starts flying, or a cockroach swims instead of running away and looking for a corner, then he has to see the end only. The same is true of desires and ambitions. You don’t have to be king every time. No, it may be that you are made to be a kingmaker and even though you are not a royal, the king acts on your advice, but be aware that direct kingship is not your destiny. Better to control everything and value control. If and only then you will never be disappointed in expecting darkness from the sun or light like the sun from the moon.

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