Four youths died after drowning in car pond Tragedy occurred when a car fell into a lake near Dashela in Gandhinagar, search for a youth in Lapatta continues

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Four out of five occupants of a car have drowned in Khayna Lake near Dashela village in Gandhinagar, while a search has been launched for one person missing. After the car fell into the lake during the night, the police conducted an investigation based on mobile location and it was revealed that the car was submerged in the lake. The bodies of four youths have been found during the search in the lake, while the search is on for one youth who is still missing.

Nimesh Ganpatbhai Parmar
Bharat Mahendra Solanki
Vinay Hiteshbhai Barber
Gaurang Yogesh Bhatt

A search for a young man and a car continues
Five friends were in the car when the accident took place, out of which the bodies of four have been recovered, but Shailesh Rathore is still missing and is being searched for. All these friends who were riding in the car are also currently being searched. ​​​​​​

Gaurang calls his dad as the car falls into the lake
Five youths living in Naroda and Dashela of Ahmedabad went to Rajasthan for sightseeing. After returning from there, four friends living in Naroda were going to drop Gaurang Bhatt living in Dashela, Gandhinagar at his home. At that time, the visibility was reduced due to the continuous downpour during the night. So the car fell into the lake by accident. After the accident, Gaurang called his father and informed him that his car had fallen into the lake. After that, his phone was cut immediately.

Based on the mobile location, the police reached the lake
When the car plunged into the lake in the darkness of the night, Gaurang called his father, but could not tell the location, so after informing the police about the matter, the police traced it based on the mobile location and reached the lake. Family members and villagers had been searching the lake since last night. A fire brigade team was also called in today, during which the bodies of Vinay, Bharat, Gaurang and Nimesh were found.

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