Foreigners allowed out of Gaza, death toll in 8-day war over 3500, day-8-of-israel-palestine-war-updates

The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine has entered its eighth day. Millions of people living in the Gaza Strip have been ordered to leave Gaza. Read the news in detail

New Delhi: The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Saturday that the war with Israel had entered its eighth day. A total of 2,269 Palestinians have died and over 9,814 Palestinian civilians have been injured in these days. Millions of people living in Gaza have been ordered to leave the area as Israel threatens to launch a ground war.

1300 Israeli soldiers killed: After Hamas attacked, Israel also retaliated. 1300 Israeli soldiers have been killed in this war, many civilians have been killed and taken hostage. The Palestinian and Egyptian governments fear Israel’s intentions. Israel may evacuate civilians living in the Gaza Strip south to Egypt.

Statement by the Government of Egypt: Surviving in Gaza has become very difficult, as refugees have run out of food, medicine, fuel. The only power plant in the entire area is also closed. The morgue of Gaza’s largest hospital is piling up new bodies faster than families can carry them. An Egyptian government official says Egypt, Israel and the US should bring foreigners trapped in Gaza through the Egyptian border into Egypt from the Rahaf area. It is safe for foreign nationals to leave the area before the eight-day-long war becomes more gruesome.

Queue will also help: He added that Qatar is also involved in the negotiations. Qatar has also received permission from the Palestinian militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Rafah border has been ordered to be opened to foreigners coming from Gaza. Negotiations are also taking place to deliver essential commodities for humans from this crossing point.

Rafah Crossing Point Highlights: If the Rafah crossing point reopens, a plane carrying medical aid from the US can deliver aid. The Director General of the World Health Organization says that we will deliver humanitarian aid as soon as the Rafah crossing point opens. He has posted this information on his X handle. A United States Air Force F-15E fighter is ready to help in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Statement by the Organization of Islamic Corporations: The Organization of Islamic Corporations made up of 57 countries has released a statement on Saturday. In which Israel’s attacks on Palestinian citizens have been condemned. This statement of the Organization of Islamic Corporation reflects the views of the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

Demand for more time: The European Union foreign policy chief said on Saturday that the Israeli military should give more time for the evacuation of civilians from northern Gaza. Joseph Borrell states that refugees should be provided with adequate time and transport for migration.

220 South Korean citizens rescued: A South Korean military plane safely transported 220 South Koreans from Israel to South Korea on Saturday. South Korea’s foreign ministry says not a single South Korean has been killed in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Palestine Ministry of Health: The Palestinian Ministry of Health says 16 Palestinian civilians were killed on Friday. 50 Palestinian civilians were being evacuated from the West Bank in an attack that killed 16 civilians.

Requested to the UN: Civilians who survived a Hamas attack in Israel on Friday appealed to the UN to save their relatives. In a video, Yoni Asher, an Israeli citizen, is seen describing his pain with his wife and two daughters. His mother-in-law lives in the southern part of the country when he was attacked while on his way there.

Hamas took a total of 150 hostages: In a surprise attack on Saturday, Hamas took a total of 150 civilians hostage. Elena Zitchik said half a dozen of her cousins ​​have been taken hostage from the kibbutz. He was reported to be alive as of Friday morning.

Joe Biden’s orders: US President Joe Biden has ordered his administration to send as much aid as possible to the war. “I have ordered the team to work with the governments of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries,” Biden said. The UN Secretaries Council has not issued a statement on the Israel-Hamas war. He held a secret meeting on Friday. He held this second meeting within five days. Russia is trying to prevent Israel from launching a ground attack.

A call to unite countries: The President of Syria called on the countries of the world to unite on Friday. Israel asked everyone to unite to stop the oppression of Palestinian citizens.

Determined for land war Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to wage a ground war to completely oust Hamas from the Gaza Strip. On Friday, Netanyahu threatened Hamas in a televised message. In response to Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, Israel launched an airstrike in the Gaza Strip. A total of 1,300 people have been killed in this attack by Israel as of Saturday. On Friday, Israel ordered more than half of the citizens of the Gaza Strip to leave their homes.

Protests in Rome: A UN agency is considering moving its center of operations south to help Palestine refugees. However, the operation center believes that the wounded can be helped more by staying in the north. This statement was given by the UN spokesperson Stephen Dujarric on Friday. Pro-Palestine students and authorities clashed in Rome on Friday. Clashes broke out between police and students at Sapinza University. Policemen were wearing helmets and shields while students were protesting with Palestinian flags. Italian news outlets reported this incident.

Israel’s Air Strike: Hamas officials say 70 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City. A car bomb hit three areas south of Gaza City. It was not clear whether Israel was targeting soldiers or tourists in the airstrikes. The Israeli military says Israel is carrying out drone strikes in Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

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