For the people of this zodiac sign, the golden sun will rise from today, for the next 27 days, money will count as money, they will become billionaires!

Astrology news: In astrology, Mars is considered as the ruler of courage, bravery, land and marriage. If Mars is auspicious, one becomes brave and possessor of landed property. When malefic Mars creates obstacles in marriage and makes one angry and egotistical. Today, October 3, 2023, Mars is transiting Libra. Mars will transit and enter Libra, where the cruel planet Ketu is already present. Due to this, there will be a conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Libra. Conjunction of 2 very effective planets Mars and Ketu will affect all 12 zodiac signs. There are 3 zodiac signs for which Mars-Ketu conjunction will be very auspicious. Golden days will begin for the people of this zodiac sign and their wealth will increase.

Mars conjunction with Ketu will give benefits

Girl: Conjunction of Mars and Ketu will benefit Virgo people. These people will suddenly get money from somewhere. Financial condition will be good. Job change and promotion plans will be successful. Traders can get stuck money. People will be impressed by the improvement in your communication style. The time is particularly auspicious for those associated with media, education, marketing and creative professions.

Libra: The union of Mars and Ketu is forming in Libra, which will give good results to the people of this sign. The confidence of the people of this zodiac will increase. You will complete one task quickly. Ways of career advancement will open. You will be successful in getting a big position and salary. You can start a new job. Your big wishes may come true. Can buy property.

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Aquarius: The combination of Mars and Ketu will bring good luck to Aquarius natives. Your pending work will be completed. The long-awaited success will begin. Freshers can get new job. You will feel relief from getting stuck money. You can go on a foreign trip. Family relations will be strong.

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