Food department seized 180 cans of ghee for making Mohanthal prasad in Ambaji, samples failed

Legal action will be taken against the agency by the Food and Drugs Department

Updated: Oct 3rd, 2023

Ambaji: (ambaji)Recently, there was a big controversy regarding the offering of Mohanthal in the Yatradham. After that, the government bowed to the devotees and it was decided to provide both Mohanthal and Chikki prasadi. (mohanthal prasad)Then again a controversy has arisen regarding Mohanthal’s Prasad. Samples of ghee used for making prasad were taken before the Bhadravi Poonam fair at Yatradham Ambaji. (ghee sample fail)About 180 cans of ghee were seized after the sample taken by the food department failed. (food and drugs department)This incident has spread anger among Mai devotees.

Legal action will be taken against the agency

A statement was given to the media by Banaskantha Collector Varun Kumar Baranwal. He said that a large number of Prasad is made in the Bhadravi Poonam fair. A large amount of ghee is used for this. Its work is assigned to an agency. On August 28, its sample was taken by the Food and Drugs Department. The entire quantity was then sealed. The Ambaji Mandir Trust Authority has said that legal action will be taken against the agency by the Food and Drugs Department regarding the failed ghee samples.

Ghee was purchased from Ahmedabad when there was a shortage of ghee

Mohani Caterers manager told the media that 4600 cans of ghee from Banas Dairy were used during Bhadravi Punam. Ghee was purchased from Neelkanth Traders of Ahmedabad due to shortage of ghee. Amul’s mark, Amul’s batch number is also on the ghee container. All financial payments are made through bank. Pure ghee was purchased from the then Banas Dairy when the sample of ghee failed. But I don’t know how much Prasad was made from the ghee from Neelkanth Traders.

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