First public support for Israel now assurances of aid to Palestine, what does America want after all?

Biden and Netanyahu had a conversation

Biden also spoke with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Updated: Oct 15th, 2023

Between Israel-Hamas War (Israel vs Hamas War) America’s double attitude is coming to the fore again. Earlier, America publicly declared its support to Israel, but now it is assuring support to Palestine as well. After the conversation between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden also had a conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Biden urged both leaders

Joe Biden reportedly urged the two leaders to allow humanitarian aid in their areas. Earlier, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the US is advancing another warship in support of Israel. While Antony Blinken began contacting diplomats across the Middle East to seek an international response to stop the Israel-Hamas war from spreading.

The US has not yet publicly called for an end to the war

It is worth mentioning that Israel warned the people of Gaza to evacuate the area within 24 hours. While Hamas appealed to the people to survive. After the Hamas attack a week ago, the Biden administration has not publicly urged Israel to stop the attacks but has emphasized the US commitment to abide by the rules of war.

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