Finland was named the happiest country in the world for the sixth time

News of Tuesday, 19th September 2023

Finland was named the happiest country in the world for the sixth time

Why is Finland the happiest country in the world? The secret is out: Denmark is second and Iceland is third.

London, dated 19: Finland has been considered the happiest country in the world for the sixth time in the UN’s World Happiness Report. Denmark is second and Iceland third. The question is why are citizens of Finland happier than people in other countries? Do they have a lot of money? Or a different way of living? A psychologist from Finland has answered these questions. By adopting this you too can be happy.

Finland has many special things that make it stand out at the top. As there is not much difference between the highest earner and the lowest earner. There is freedom of decision making and less corruption. People help each other a lot. There is a good healthcare system. Public transport is quite reliable and cheap.

Psychologist Frank Martella has given some more reasons to be happy. That said, people here live on one principle. Live for yourself, not for anyone else’s expectations. People here care less. Because they don’t feel much need for anything. They have easy access to everything they need.

Another thing that sets Finnish people apart is their willingness to help others. They are always looking for a way to help. They believe it excites you. Keeps happy. Positivity also comes from those you support. If you are an expert in something then you share your knowledge with other people in the society. Many people benefit from this.

A theory is very popular in Finland. Here students also help 3 people every day. Then it’s handing the postman a glass of water, spending lunch with the grandparents, or helping a traveler find his way. It sounds simple but it gives you immense happiness. Increase your morale. Research shows that if you spend more time with your friends and family, you live longer.

The word tolkoot is very popular in Finland. It means doing something together that no one can do alone. Like working together in the fields. Spending time in the barn. All neighbors freely assemble. They work with each other’s help and then cook the meal together. We sit and eat together. It is like a tradition. People like to live together like a good neighbor.

Generally, in search of peace, people go to places where they can spend time alone. But in Finland people spend time in peace. Here people live in silence, but many live together. According to him, being together in silence creates a feeling of connection and love. It is fun to go to the beach or quiet places with father or friends and enjoy the view of nature.

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