Fibrocystic breast causes and symptoms

Women Care: It is important to know which tumor in the breast is cancer and which tumor is a common disease. Fibrocystic disease and fibrocystic breast are similar problems, in which breast tumors develop. This is a non-cancerous tumor in a way. It does not cause much damage but the tumor causes a lot of pain. This often leads to big trouble. So know about fibrocystic breast with low risk of cancer. So, it is very important for every women to know about this.

Many women have this problem

According to the Mayo Clinic report, more than half of women will get breast disease sometime in their life. Many women are unaware of this. But it is very important for every woman to know that these cases are increasing over time. There is no need to panic when this tumor occurs. That being said, this tumor may be normal at first, but sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a cancerous tumor due to this tumor.

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These symptoms are seen in fibrocystic disease

  • Breast swelling
  • pain
  • feel heavy
  • Pain with touching the breast
  • Tumor in one of the two breasts
  • Often more tumors and tissue problems than one breast

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  • Sometimes this tumor is moving
  • Pain in the underarms
  • Brown and green discharge from the nipple

Pain increases before periods

Women who have this type of breast lump may experience more pain before their period starts. With this, the above symptoms start to appear quickly. Although you experience these symptoms throughout the month, but before the period, the tumor increases due to which you have to go through pain and many other problems.

Why do breast tumors occur?

Hormones are the main cause of fibrocystitis in the breast. A hormone released from the ovary causes changes in the breast tissue that lead to the formation of a tumor.

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