Farming Idea: Don’t get shocked after seeing the video, this country game belongs to the farmer, know the benefits of barrels

Amreli: Most of the farmers in Saurashtra including Amreli, Gir Somnath, Junagadh, Bhavnagar practice traditional farming. They are also earning lakhs of rupees from agriculture. At the same time resourceful farmers keep on experimenting to get more production. In Desi Jugad, the best thing is made from waste and used in agriculture to increase the source of income. Rameshbhai Ram, a farmer of Kankiya, is turning barrels in the groundnut crop. Due to which groundnut crop has benefited.

Farmers in the rural areas of Gir Kantha grow peanuts, cotton and soybeans and earn millions of rupees. Rameshbhai Ram, a farmer of Kankiya village has studied till 12th standard and is engaged in agriculture at the age of 47.


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Farming Idea: Don’t get shocked after seeing the video, this country game belongs to the farmer, know the benefits of barrels

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Rameshbhai said, I have been doing natural farming since 2016. As the barrel rotates over the peanuts, the groundnut remains outside the soil which is pressed into the soil due to the rotation of the barrel. So the overall production of groundnut is more.

Bearings are installed on both sides of the iron barrel. A barrel is pulled by a string. The barrel rotates over the peanuts. Due to which the groundnut is crushed and the groundnut seeds sit in the soil. Sitting in the ground instead of living outdoors increases production.

Apart from this, rotating the barrel also kills some pests. As a result groundnut crop is benefited. Many people are taking inspiration from the native game of the farmer.

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